The Fourth Industrial Revolution:
Insights for Success

Professional Certificate of Completion

Become empowered by understanding the dimensions and impact of a fourth industrial revolution that is projected to radically shift the nature of how all of us work, live, and play. Use this knowledge to provide timely insight into the strategic planning of both your organization and your own career.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution:Insights for Success


The world is being transformed by the forces of emerging technologies, demographic shifts, rapid urbanization, changing climate, and more. Over the next few decades, these trends will radically reinvent every aspect of the human experience including how we learn, work, move, communicate, and interact. This three-event professional certificate dives deep into the disruptive changes underway in science and culture, and their impact on your organization and you. Led by world-renowned authority on macro trends and award-winning professor, Dr. Jonathan Reichental, you’ll learn about the central technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. Upon completion, you’ll have essential insights that can help you and your organization succeed.


  • Explore the history and significance of all four industrial revolutions
  • Discover many of the macro trends shaping the world
  • Understand the basics of game-changing emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, Internet-of-Things, and quantum computing
  • Evaluate the consequences of the fourth industrial revolution on the world, the enterprise, and you
  • Plan a strategy of action that prepares your organization and you for the changes ahead
  • Engage in team activities and an outside-of-class project with your cohort


  • C-level executives such as CEO, COO, CIO, and CTO, and other leaders who recognize the significant challenges ahead and want to plan, prepare, and execute on maintaining competitiveness.
  • Project managers who are helping to deploy all manner of solutions internally and externally and want to ensure they are considering the needs of the future and new technological capabilities.
  • Technologists at every level, including management and staff, that need to ensure they understand the most current technologies and how they can shape and support their organizations and other clients they serve.
  • Leaders, managers, and staff engaged in building solutions, including those in an industrial setting, who want to get rapid visibility to evolutions in the manufacturing arena.
  • Innovation leaders, business strategists, and related staff, who need a bootcamp approach to understanding business and technology trends that can provide essential insights in support of their efforts.
  • Consultants that want to build competitive knowledge to help their clients succeed in the disruption of the 21st century.
  • Academics, hobbyists, researchers, and others with a passion for understanding the future and what it may mean to their work and their world.


Spring 2022

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Individual: $1500

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Program includes a one-hour Office Hour one month after the workshop with Dr. Jonathan Reichental


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Course Topics

Week 1 – The Elements of Change
  • History of the four industrial revolutions
  • Exploring macro trends
  • Velocity, scope, impact, and convergence
  • Connectivity and digital transformation
  • The risks of action and inaction
Week 2 – The Core Technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Quantum computing
  • Other emerging technologies
Week 3 – Preparing for Change
  • Rapid urbanization and the future of cities
  • The future of work
  • Technoethics
  • Taking action - Organizations
  • Taking action – You
  • Project presentations

Course resources

Project Opportunity

Participants will be assigned to teams that will work on a research project. Identification of each project will take place on week one and then teams will work outside of the class to develop their research. At the end of the final class, each team will present their research findings to the rest of the participants.


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Dr. Jonathan Reichental is a multiple-award-winning technology and business leader whose career has spanned both the private and public sectors. He’s been a senior software engineering manager, a director of technology innovation, and has served as chief information officer at both O’Reilly Media and the City of Palo Alto, California. Reichental is currently an adjunct professor at Menlo College, the founder of advisory, investment, and education firm, Human Future, and also creates online education for LinkedIn Learning. He recently published the bestseller, Smart Cities for Dummies

Dr. Jonathan Reichental