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Assertive employees are more self-confident and resilient, and are able to negotiate workplace challenges efficiently without causing friction

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Live learning experiences with peers

Learning how to be assertive boils down to communicating well with people which is why assertiveness training is best done in groups.

We offer you a blend of live and on-demand training with exercises and worksheets, Q&A, peer discussions, bite-sized learning, and much more to create an engaging learning experience and ensure that knowledge sticks.

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Assertiveness training with Learnit’s Team Pass

Our all-inclusive training subscription incorporates all critical elements of assertiveness training and is tailored to your specific needs

Team pass offers virtual instructor-led classes and on-demand courses to successfully train you to be assertive. Tailor your learning by choosing the courses you need the most.

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Influencing without authority

Assertiveness is expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings in a direct and appropriate way

“Assertive behavior can be defined as “any action that reflects an individual’s own best interest, including standing up for oneself without significant anxiety, expressing one’s feelings comfortably, or exercising one’s own rights without denying the rights of others.”

Unassertive people are unable to express their needs, wants, thoughts and feelings and can either become excessively agreeable or hostile because of this. Assertiveness training is directed at helping people better communicate what they want in different situations. 

Source: Assertiveness Training: A Forgotten Evidence-Based Treatment, Journal of Clinical Psychology
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The following elements form the foundation of Assertiveness Training:

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Effective communication skills include the ability to express yourself well and also listen effectively. Communication skills training is therefore essential for anyone who wants to learn to be assertive.


Self-confidence is the feeling of trust a person has in their own abilities. They believe their opinions count and have the confidence to speak up to express their opinions.


Persuasion is defined as the ability to influence another person’s behaviour in a manner that does not threaten or is disrespectful to others.


Being assertive means respecting yourself – believing your opinions and feelings matter – while respecting the opinions of others and the way they receive and respond to your message.

Stimulate valuable discussions and create an innovative and inclusive workplace

Assertive leaders are effective leaders. Similarly, assertive employees who know when and how to express themselves contribute to better team and workplace performance.

With assertiveness training, leaders can...

  • Better fuel innovation
  • Easier build excellent relationships with employees & co-workers
  • Delegate work more efficiently
  • Collaborate better with others 
  • Become a good conflict manager
  • Say no when needed in an appropriate way

With assertiveness training, employees learn to...

  • Speak for themselves in accordance with their beliefs, in any situation
  • Speak with clarity in any context
  • Be persistent of their thoughts and ideas
  • Use positive language
  • Listen well
  • Use the power of silence
  • Use efficient communication strategies

Become a trusted leader and create high-performing teams

Assertiveness training helps leaders build better relationships, manage conflicts, and collaborate and delegate efficiently

Leaders set the tone for the team or organisation culture. By enabling team members to freely speak their minds and communicate efficiently, assertive leaders create high performing and inclusive workplaces where employees thrive.

Find assertiveness training programs near you

Virtual on-demand or on-site, in-person assertiveness training courses, programs & classes

Whether you are in Atlanta, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, you can take advantage of our assertiveness training programs and courses. Our virtual instructor-led Team Pass courses and tailored training programs are available to you or your workforce both online, on demand, and in-person. 

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Live instructor-led training

Our secret sauce

Why our high-impact learning works

Social learning

We all have challenges at work. Most of our classes are designed to help people connect, discuss these challenges and find solutions.

Live instructor-led training

One of the most effective learning methods and what most people prefer is virtual or in-person, live instructor-led training.

Customized and personal

A one-size-fits-all approach to training and development often isn’t ideal. With a custom program, you ensure maximum training efficiency.

Distributed learning

With pre-class warmups, post-class practice exercises, community-driven discussions,  and much more, we offer the total package.

Short impactful sessions

We hold focused two-to-three-hour-long sessions to ensure that no matter how busy you are, you can participate.

Immediately practical

Our training is always relevant to real-life situations so participants can utilize new knowledge immediately.

We help you succeed

Tools and assistance from onboarding to results analysis

Competency mapping & learning journey

Our strategists work to map learning deliverables to skill gaps, skill requirements, and organization competences and values.

Implementation and onboarding

Our team of learning strategists will help you plan your onboarding which could include kick-off, internal marketing material, user portal and more.

Your training management system

You will have access to a custom portal where you can see all courses, sign-ups, survey results, and track your program.

Customer success team

Our team will support you throughout your learning journey.

Reports to show how well it works

We help you review utilization and attendee feedback to evaluate how well your program is working for you.

Constant tweaking

Together we will assess your reports and results to uncover ways we can optimize and improve.

World-class instructors

We take pride in our passion for training and employee development. All our instructors are subject matter experts, have real-world experience in their field, and create outstanding learning environments.

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