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Effective software adoption is
crucial for your ROI

According to research by TSIA, organizations experienced the following after deploying software training:


of users are able to use the product more.


use more product features/functions.

With professional training, you ensure that your software investments bring the ROI that you have calculated for.

Actionable learning solutions

Build a learning culture

Our training is always relevant to real-life situations. We enable all participants to utilize new knowledge immediately, connect with others in similar situations and grow as individuals.

Our methodology

The effective software adoption 4-step plan

We help you create and deploy it

The 4-step tech adoption plan is based on our 25 years of experience and proven track record of helping teams and organizations increase software adoption. We will adjust the plan depending on your specific requirements, time, and training budget.

Step 1

Stakeholder Buy-in

Jointly we define and plan expected outcomes and benefits. This could be everything from improved productivity & usage to employees learning new methodologies and soft skills. We will take you and your stakeholders through demonstrations around day-to-day business scenarios that show the real-life impact of widespread tech adoption.

Step 2

Create The Plan

With a depth of relevant classes, we will customize a solid project plan with a focus on minimizing risk, maximizing productivity, and high utilization.

Step 3

Engage And Train Employees

All training is based on relevant and practical examples from your organization. We will execute the plan and train employees during inspiring and engaging classes that will help them embrace the benefits of new applications and get them excited about learning how to use them.

Step 4

Maximizing Results

When technology adoption is complete, our team will evaluate the effectiveness of the training sessions to date. Then, we will create follow-up plans at 60 days, 6 months, and 1 year to ensure that the new technology adoption sticks.

Live instructor-led training

Engaging facilitators will upskill your team

World-class instructors will guide participants through interactive learning sessions that will combine lectures and discussions. Each class is two-to-three-hours long to ensure that all employees can make time for it no matter how busy they are.

Live instructor-led training

World-class instructors

We take pride in our passion for training and employee development. All our instructors are subject matter experts, have real-world experience in their field, and create outstanding learning environments.

The Learnit Team
everyone loves learnit

97% of attendees recommend Learnit

Our classes are hands-on, fun, entertaining and highly interactive.

Our attendees commented with the words like great, awesome, thanks, excellent, helpful, effective, and best.

The best companies in the world invest in people development. These are a few of the ones we help.

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