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Damon forever changed my life by giving me my first job out of college. He believed in me and taught me how to lead with mind, heart, and hand. I have never seen any leader recruit and retain great talent like Damon has, unbelievable! Invaluable insights and lessons learned in The Learn-it-All Leader.

Laurel Taylor

CEO Candidly

I've learned a lot and been inspired by Damon Lembi's leadership style. I've taken a few pages out of his playbook, and now you can too by reading The Learn-it-All Leader.

Sebastian Goodwin

Chief Trust Officer at Autodesk

What you will learn

  • How being a “Learn-it-All” vs “Know-it-All will set you up for success and get you invited to more happy hours!
  • A three-step approach to overcoming imposter syndrome
  • How to use Purposeful Awfulizing to overcome fear and build resilience
  • Discover why treating your employees as a team rather than as family can lead to greater success
  • Why you should choose potential over experience in the hiring process
  • When to use and when not to use Sir Richard Branson's 'screw it, let's do it' decision-making approach
  • How a leader's personal model of integrity is crucial to creating trust and a thriving workplace
  • A proven model for building great teams
  • How implementing a culture of continuous learning & professional development helps attract & retain talent
  • Why you should focus on elevating strengths over improving weaknesses

About Damon

Damon Lembi is CEO of Learnit, a global leader in corporate training solutions that has upskilled more than 1.8 million professionals in the past twenty-seven years. Damon lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves books, live music, and above all, spending time with his wife, Cara Mia; their two kids, Luciana and Walter; and Pablo the Puggle.

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