Leading Today’s Workforce

A 5-week program of interactive workshops where you will learn how to lead with confidence and effectiveness in today's complex world.

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5-week journey of growth

High-impact learning experience

The cohorts are 2-hour weekly learning sessions that easily fit into a busy schedule. Participants will make valuable connections inside and outside the classroom which will accelerate and deepen their learning.  

5-week journey of growth
What will you gain?

What will you gain?

Lead with confidence

Now more than ever, people need managers they can trust and rely upon to inspire and lead them to be their best selves. On top of supporting their teams, managers are expected to plan, adapt, communicate and make things happen. For that, a leader must learn to lead with confidence.

Who should take this course?

This cohort is recommended for leaders with some experience of managing teams. It’s ideal for anyone looking to take their managerial effectiveness to the next level or to acquire the skills necessary to effectively lead teams.

Who should take this cohort course?

Course schedule

Session 1

Prevent Burnout for Managers

While middle managers are one of the most populous roles within many organizations, they are also one of the most prone to burnout. Recent research indicates that managers often describe themselves as lost, torn between multiple forces, isolated, and lonely. In this workshop, participants will take a deep dive into the experience of burnout, loneliness, and isolation specifically as it relates to being a middle manager. Participants will gain insight in organizational and interpersonal challenges middle managers face and create an individualized toolkit of practical solutions and actionable mindsets to navigate their own experience of burnout.

Session 2

Performance Management: Fundamental Skills

This science-backed workshop explores the nuts-and-bolts of performance management with a focus on defining, planning and supervising goals that hit the sweet spot of challenging and doable (eustress). Participants will also learn frameworks for conducting effective performance reviews. Together with our other courses on managing teams such as Coaching for Managers and Giving and Receiving Feedback, this class rounds out a holistic approach to managing teams for performance and development.

Session 3

Lead Inclusive Teams

Embark on a transformative journey with Lead Inclusive Teams: Create a Mindset of We vs. Me. Explore actionable strategies that steer diverse teams toward a shared culture of belonging. Beyond mere information, our approach is an engaging experience deeply rooted in contemporary research and best-practices. Crafted for immediate application in your workplace, this engaging session empowers you to cultivate an inclusive mindset that not only understands diversity but actively fosters it.

Session 4

Build Trust with Your Team

Trust is an essential component of leadership that can be challenging to build and easy to lose. We’ve built this class around six key traits of trust, the THREAD model: together, honest, resourceful, empowering, approachable, and dependable. In this course, you will discover where you need to grow and which traits to develop. You will learn actionable steps for becoming a more trustworthy leader. And you will learn what to watch out for when applying these key traits.

Session 5

Make High-Quality Decisions

This course is for those who make important decisions. It is ideal for situations when you have time, resources, and the ability to aggregate multiple and, hopefully, differing points of view to arrive at the best possible decision. Easy to say, hard to do. Because all of us have a natural and automatic tendency to jump to conclusions, this class is meant to help you temper the rush to judgment with specific, actionable models that balance the benefits of clear-eyed deliberation with our equally beneficial faculty of human insight and intuition.

What's included

Five 2-Hour Virtual-Led Sessions

1 year unlimited access to our On-Demand library

4 peer-to-peer exercises

Pre-class & post-class bonus material

Certificate of completion

Your experience

Virtual workshops

You will experience a mixture of workshops and interactive breakouts through instructor-led sessions. We make sessions interactive and engaging.

Distributed learning

  • This includes preparing students for the interactive cohorts with suggested readings and a clear vision of what they can expect
  • Frequent communications throughout the cohort to prime thinking and continue the learning experience

Peer-to-peer learning

  • Student interaction inside the classroom, focused on sharing real-world experiences and applying what they have learned via small groups
  • Student interaction outside the classroom, focused on continued application of newly acquired skills via collaboration on assignments

Immediately practical

Our training is not based on abstract theories but in real-world application. What you learn will be relevant for you and usable right away.

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Managers learn research-supported people skills they can use right away to help their team grow and succeed.

Leading Today's Workforce

Besides supporting staff, managers are expected to plan, adapt, communicate and get things done. In this valuable series, we focus on the tools and skills the most effective managers use to make things happen.

World-class instructors

We take pride in our passion for training and employee development. All our instructors are subject matter experts, have real-world experience in their field, and create outstanding learning environments.

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