Team Pass Support

Congratulations! The company you work for believes your personal growth is important and has decided to give you full access to virtual instructor-led classes where subject matter experts with real-world experience provide valuable learning experiences.

Team Pass by Learnit

What is Team Pass?

Team Pass is a full access diamond-level pass offered by leading professional training provider Learnit that facilitates your journey of personal growth. You can attend as many virtual instructor-led classes as you like. Two classes per month? No problem. Ten classes a month? Go for it! You have over 90+ classes to choose from every month. All classes on the site are eligible.

Additionally, you can view over 60+ on-demand courses with Learnit Anytime, and you will also be able to join Learnit’s Offsite community where great events, Q&As and peer discussions are held.

How to activate your account for virtual instructor-led classes

When your organization purchases Team Pass we will add you to a Learning Management System called Access Planit. Once you are added we will send you a welcome email with more information about Team Pass and how to activate your account. You will continuously receive emails from us with news and information about classes and events. 

If you did not receive the email or if you forgot your password you can simply go HERE to reset your password and get access to your account. 

If you need further support, use the chat located on the bottom right of this website to ask for help. 

How to book virtual instructor-led classes with Team Pass

Once you have selected the class of your choice, head to checkout 🛒. Ignore the price showcased.

Proceed through the checkout flow with your Learnit + AccessPlanit login credentials. You will now see that your Team Pass class price is zero in the final checkout confirmation page.

Finding a class you like

When you have activated your account and reset your password it’s time to explore and find one or several classes to book. 

You can explore and find classes by using the top menu. Hover over Classes and then pick from the following:

View all classes

Explore upcoming, soft skill, professional development, and business application classes.

Soft Skills

Develop your soft skills and competencies such as leadership, collaboration, teamwork, working remotely, and much more. 

Business applications

Upskill and master your favourite softwares. 

Classes by skills

Select the skill you want to level up and we will show you all classes that are associated with the skill.

We have also created a page where you have a full list of classes

What classes can I book with Team Pass?

All classes on the site are eligible.

Team Pass Eligible

How to book your classes

  • When you find a class you like simply select the date and time you would like to attend on the right side of the page and click ADD TO CART. 
  • When you are done and have picked all your classes, click on the shopping cart  🛒 symbol in the top right. You will now be able to see all the classes you selected. 

    IMPORTANT: There is a cart total price. As a Team Pass Subscriber, you can ignore the price indicated here. When you get to the final checkout page, the pricing will indicate as zero.
  • Once you are done click the blue GO TO CHECKOUT button. A new window will open up.
  • Proceed through the checkout flow with your Learnit + AccessPlanit login credentials. (If you don’t remember the password click on the reset password link or go HERE to reset your password.) Make sure to select yourself as a delegate by clicking on the 'Assign Myself+' button.
  • Once done, you should now see that your Team Pass class price is zero in the final checkout confirmation page.
  • Read the terms and conditions, check the box “I have read and accepted the terms and conditions" and then click Complete
  • You will be directed to a confirmation screen and will receive an email with all the class information. You are now booked on the class/classes and we hope you will enjoy your learning experience.
Learnit anytime

Learnit Anytime on-demand classes

What is Learnit Anytime?

With Learnit Anytime you can access 60+ on-demand classes with new content added every month. The best part about Anytime is the flexibility it gives you. Here’s what it offers you: 

  • 60+ on-demand courses available 24/7. 
  • Jump in and out of classes as you like and learn at a time most convenient to you. 
  • Search for specific knowledge and attend only course sections that interest you. 
  • Certificates for completed courses. 

How to access Learnit Anytime

Go to and sign in using the login credentials our team provided to you via email. Then, choose a course and start learning! Can't find the email we sent? We recommend checking the  spam or junk folder in your inbox. If you still can't find it or have any additional questions, please reach out to our support team at