Training courses and programs to empower new managers

Equip your leaders with the tools for success

We help emerging new managers & leaders to develop the skills they need to be successful in their roles

The best companies in the world invest in new manager & leadership training. These are a few we partner with:

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Comprehensive learning solutions & program design

Customized experiences adapted to your new managers training needs

Our Learning Strategists work with you to tailor a professional development program most suited to your organization.

Support employee and organizational growth
Learning lab cohorts

Learning Lab Cohorts

5-week programs of interactive workshops for new managers to learn and practice new skills

Our hands-on learning experience uses peer-to-peer connections and proven tools to positively shape your new manager’s training of leadership style.

Taught live (on-site & virtually)
Soft & technical skills

Emerging Leader

Leading Today's Workforce

Team Pass

Team Pass subscription

A unique leadership growth journey

Proven learning tracks that cater to each new manager’s specific training needs

Provide your new managers with unlimited access to live virtual instructor-led and on-demand training on critical leadership subjects such as giving effective feedback, coaching, and building accountability. 

Virtual live instructor-taught classes

Fun, engaging classes with social elements and discussions taught by top instructors.

Distributed learning

Learning nudges before and after classes to keep learning “top of mind” helps build “learning muscle”.

Tailored learning paths

Each manager can design their own learning path depending on current need and situation.

On-demand library

Hundreds of pre-recorded classes that can be viewed at any time.

Learning opportunities people love

Soft skills combined with software/ technical skills

52 soft skills & 67 software classes to select from

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on-demand learning and development
Worldwide access

Find new manager training programs near you

Virtual on-demand or on-site trainings for your new managers

Whether you are in Atlanta, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, take advantage of our new manager and leadership training programs and courses. Our virtual instructor-led Team Pass courses and tailored training programs are available to all your new managers.

Community Partnership Program

We help you succeed

Tools and assistance from onboarding to results analysis

Competency mapping & learning journey

Our strategists work to map learning deliverables to skill gaps, skill requirements, and organization competences and values.

Implementation and onboarding

Our team of learning strategists will help you plan your onboarding which could include kick-off, internal marketing material, user portal and more.

Your training management system

You will have access to a custom portal where you can see all courses, sign-ups, survey results, and track your program.

Customer success team

Our team will support you throughout your learning journey.

Reports to show how well it works

We help you review utilization and attendee feedback to evaluate how well your program is working for you.

Constant tweaking

Together we will assess your reports and results to uncover ways we can optimize and improve.

Our secret sauce

Why our high-impact learning works

Social learning

We all have challenges at work. Most of our classes are designed to help people connect, discuss these challenges and find solutions.

Live instructor-led training

One of the most effective learning methods and what most people prefer is virtual or in-person, live instructor-led new manager training.

Customized and personal

A one-size-fits-all approach to training and development often isn’t ideal. With a custom new manager training program, you ensure maximum training efficiency.

Distributed learning

With pre-class warmups, post-class practice exercises, community-driven discussions, and much more, we offer the total package.

Short impactful sessions

We hold focused two-to-three-hour-long sessions to ensure that no matter how busy you are, you can participate.

Immediately practical

Our training is always relevant to real-life situations so participants can utilize new knowledge immediately.

World-class instructors

We take pride in our passion for training and employee development. All our instructors are subject matter experts, have real-world experience in their field, and create outstanding learning environments.

The Learnit Team
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97% of attendees recommend Learnit

Our classes are hands-on, fun, entertaining and highly interactive.

Our attendees commented with the words like great, awesome, thanks, excellent, helpful, effective, and best.

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