Boost productivity with Excel training courses and programs

Excel courses, classes & training programs designed to enable teams to use the world’s most powerful spreadsheet software optimally

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Boost productivity with Excel training courses and programs
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Top instructors will upskill your team 

As an official Microsoft Silver Partner for more than 15 years, our instructors are among the very best.

Master Excel with hands-on knowledge of its critical functionalities

Ensure the world’s most widely used business software is at your fingertips

Our excel classes are fun and engaging with practical hands-on tips & tricks, tutorials, and guides, where you can acquire critical skills fast and efficiently to become a true power user.

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Boost productivity with Excel training courses and programs


Four different learning solutions designed for individuals and organizations

Learning experiences tailored to fit any learning style, with Excel tutorials, guides, and walkthroughs

Learnit has Excel Courses for anytime, anywhere, and anyone.

Through tutorials, guides, on-demand online classes, virtual live instructor-led classes, and in-person training, you will pick up the necessary skills to navigate & use Excel effectively and efficiently.

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On-demand self-paced learning

Anytime enables individuals and organizations to tailor their learning path to their needs, through online pre-recorded courses with self-guided learning.

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Team Pass

All inclusive training subscription

Unlimited license where you and the team can access and participate in virtual live training, on-demand classes, excel courses, cohorts, Q&A, online community, and much more.

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Private group classes & workshops

Prebuilt or designed with your team’s and organization’s needs in mind. Users can take public classes or have a private class of their own. This is available for single courses and longer commitments.

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Explore our open Excel classes.

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Certificates of completion

All participants receive a certificate when a course is completed.

For a team

Customized Excel Classes adjusted to your needs

You can pick any of our standard classes or we can customize it to perfectly fit your organization. Below are examples of learning packages we can customize:

Introduction to Excel

  • Navigate Excel and Create Spreadsheets
  • Learn to Use Basic Functionalities of Excel
  • Learn Basic Wording and Terms
  • Use Keyword Shortcuts
  • Using Simple functions & Formulas
  • Create Templates
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Layouts and Prints

Sort and Visualize Data Efficiently

  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Create and Modify Lists
    - Sort and Filter Data
    - Remove Duplicates
    - Multi-level Sorting
  • Create and Edit Charts & Graphs
  • Add and Remove Data
  • Summarize and Visualize Large Sets of Data

Unlock the true power of your data with data analysis

  • Create Well-Defined Lists
  • Create and Edit Pivot Tables
  • Summary Functions to Find High-Level Data
  • IF-Functions
  • Advanced Chart Tools
  • Database Functions
    - IF-functions
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting

Advanced Excel skills and functionalities

  • Creating and Applying Names in a Worksheet
  • Introduction to Testing Functions
  • The ROUND Function
  • Using the Formula Auditing Tools
  • Databases
  • Using the IFERROR Function
  • Summary Based Functions: SUMIF(S), COUNTIF(S), AVERAGEIF(S)
  • Text Functions: Left, Right & Mid
  • Concat, Text-To-Columns
  • Using the Consolidate Data Commands 
  • Using the Goal Seek and Solver Tools
  • Using the Scenario Manager
  • Adding the Developer Tab to the Ribbon
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Macros


  • Introduction to VBA Usage and Terminology
  • Visual Basic Editor 
  • Programming Basics 
  • Control Structures 
  • Custom Dialog Boxes
  • Debugging and Error Handling 
  • Creating Decision Structures
  • Creating Looping Structures

Pivot Tables

  • Pivot Tables
    - Sort & Filter
    - Number Formatting
    - Slicer
  • Creating Pivot Charts
    - Advanced Pivot Table Techniques
    - PivotTable Report Page Filters
    - Building Outside Formulas
    - Calculated Items & Fields
    - Grouping (Dates & Manual)
    - Show Values as (Alternate Data Views)
    - Timelines and Slicers

Find Excel training programs near you

Virtual on-demand or on-site in-person Excel training courses, programs & classes

Whether you are in Atlanta, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, you can take advantage of our Excel training programs and courses. Our virtual instructor-led Team Pass courses and tailored training programs are available to you or your workforce both online, on-demand, and in person.

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Live instructor-led training

Unlock the true power of Excel

Reap the full potential of the world’s most powerful spreadsheet software by learning its fundamental functionalities.

Things you can learn with Learnit’s Excel training & courses:

Learn Excel Formulas


Many of us stick to doing only the most basic of calculations on Excel. But with a little effort and training, we can use Excel for more complex tasks and formulas.

Learn Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables

By learning to use the PivotTable feature, you can calculate, summarize and analyze data, and see patterns and trends in data.

Learn Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Sort, structure, summarize, visualize, and analyze data effectively and efficiently.

Learn VBA Training


Using Excel’s own programming language, you can unlock the tools to automate repetitive processes and make Excel spreadsheets much more powerful.

If function in Excel

IF function

The IF function is one of Excel’s most popular comparison tools that allows you to test a value or text by applying specific conditions to them. You receive two results, one if the conditions are met and another if they aren’t.

Macro recorder Excel


A Macro is a code or program that records and saves your actions, then repeats them when you run the Macro.

VLOOKUP search tool


VLOOKUP is a search tool that allows you to look for specific data in a table or range by row.

Conditional formatting

It helps you to format a cell, column, or row based on the attributes or values of the cells included in the formatting.

We help you succeed

Tools and assistance from onboarding to results analysis

Competency mapping & learning journey

Our strategists work to map learning deliverables to skill gaps, skill requirements, and organization competences and values.

Implementation and onboarding

Our team of learning strategists will help you plan your onboarding which could include kick-off, internal marketing material, user portal and more.

Your training management system

You will have access to a custom portal where you can see all courses, sign-ups, survey results, and track your program.

Customer success team

Our team will support you throughout your learning journey.

Reports to show how well it works

We help you review utilization and attendee feedback to evaluate how well your program is working for you.

Constant tweaking

Together we will assess your reports and results to uncover ways we can optimize and improve.

Our secret sauce

Why our high-impact learning works

Social learning

We all have challenges at work. Most of our classes are designed to help people connect, discuss these challenges and find solutions.

Live instructor-led training

One of the most effective learning methods and what most people prefer is virtual or in-person, live instructor-led training.

Customized and personal

A one-size-fits-all approach to training and development often isn’t ideal. With a custom program, you ensure maximum training efficiency.

Distributed learning

With pre-class warmups, post-class practice exercises, community-driven discussions,  and much more, we offer the total package.

Short impactful sessions

We hold focused two-to-three-hour-long sessions to ensure that no matter how busy you are, you can participate.

Immediately practical

Our training is always relevant to real-life situations so participants can utilize new knowledge immediately.

World-class instructors

We take pride in our passion for training and employee development. All our instructors are subject matter experts, have real-world experience in their field, and create outstanding learning environments.

The Learnit Team
everyone loves learnit

97% of attendees recommend Learnit

Our classes are hands-on, fun, entertaining and highly interactive.

Our attendees commented with the words like great, awesome, thanks, excellent, helpful, effective, and best.

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