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A 5-week program of interactive workshops to equip emerging leaders with management skills they can use right away to help their teams grow and succeed.

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5-week journey of growth

High-impact learning experience

The cohorts are 2-hour weekly learning sessions that easily fit into a busy schedule. Participants will make valuable connections inside and outside the classroom which will accelerate and deepen their learning.  

5-week journey of growth
What will you gain?

What will you gain?

Become a better leader

The extraordinary challenges presently faced by the business community call for strong and effective management skills. A skilled manager can lead the whole team forward. And like any skill, management skills can be learned.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for soon-to-be, new, or recently promoted managers who want to improve their management skills so that they can be more effective in their roles and lead their teams more confidently.

Who should take this cohort course?

Course schedule

Session 1

Run Better Meetings

In this workshop, participants will learn how to leverage the power of psychological safety to run more effective, productive and high performing meetings. Participants begin with an assessment of the current state of their meetings which can be mapped onto the six core components of psychologically safe meetings. Participants will leave with a thorough understanding of our meeting framework leading to greater levels of inclusion, interaction, engagement, and productivity.

Session 2

Coach Your Team

Coaching is a future-focused question-centric process leaders use to support growth and hold people accountable. Coaching revolves around listening, asking questions, and leading people to solve their own problems. This course focuses on situational coaching in which managers and leaders informally incorporate coaching throughout a typical workday.

Session 3

Give and Receive Feedback for Managers

Give and Receive Feedback is one of our foundational course geared towards managers that covers the basics of a subject many people find difficult. Participants explore a systems approach rooted in growth to giving and receiving feedback that is flexible and holistic. Our approach is still grounded in observable, situational details but takes giving and receiving feedback a step farther, resulting in unique and authentic feedback that is more likely to be heard, understood, embraced, and acted upon.

Session 4

Deal with Conflict

Learn to recognize when a situation has turned from a simple disagreement into a conflict by understanding the root cause of conflict and the role threat-response plays. Temper your own reactions in a heated moment with a conflict analysis framework. Work toward positive-sum outcomes with a 4-step process for managing your responses and offers.

Session 5

Increase Focus and Avoid Distractions

So, you’ve learned to plan your day by optimizing your schedule. You’ve blocked your calendar to accurately reflect the time you actually need to complete tasks. You’ve matched the different types of work you do with your energy peaks and valleys. Yet it is still a challenge to manage your time because the realities of the modern workplace will conspire to distract you. This course will help you maintain focus and stay on track. You will learn practical tools that can help you to better align your daily activities to accomplish your goals.

What's included

Five 2-hour virtual-led sessions

1 year unlimited access to our On-Demand library

4 peer-to-peer exercises

Pre-class & post-class bonus material

Certificate of completion

Your experience

Virtual workshops

You will experience a mixture of workshops and interactive breakouts through instructor-led sessions. We make sessions interactive and engaging.

Distributed learning

We will provide you with pre-work as a mental warm-up to spark curiosity and help acquaint you with the topic. You are also provided with post-work to continue your learning experience and retain new skills.

Peer-to-peer learning

You will be matched with a partner to collaborate on assignments and reporting. You choose when during the week to collaborate.

Immediately practical

Our training is not based on abstract theories but in real-world application. What you learn will be relevant for you and usable right away.

Price per participant
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Leading Today's Workforce

Besides supporting staff, managers are expected to plan, adapt, communicate and get things done. In this valuable series, we focus on the tools and skills the most effective managers use to make things happen.

Emerging Leaders

Managers learn research-supported people skills they can use right away to help their team grow and succeed.

World-class instructors

We take pride in our passion for training and employee development. All our instructors are subject matter experts, have real-world experience in their field, and create outstanding learning environments.

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