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Cloudmed (Triage Consulting Group) partners with Learnit to enhance their relationship with data.


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Triage Consulting Group works with healthcare providers on their Revenue Cycle Functions, specifically geared toward ensuring its clients are receiving proper reimbursement from payers. To succeed, they need quality data and the ability to interact effectively with that data.

With very specific requirements for technical knowledge and competency, Triage sought a deeply experienced partner they felt would truly take the time to understand the nuances of their business—one capable of creating a highly customized and specific learning program, and who would be dedicated to working with them at all stages to ensure success.

Triage turned to Learnit.


The assignment called for more than providing standard technical training. To succeed would mean fully integrating with Triage, understanding their organizational challenges and specific data details that drive the business. It meant “becoming one of them.”

So that’s what we did. Beginning with a deep dive into discovery, we embedded in their process until we not only understood how they store, use, and access data, but could also successfully channel company culture and values.

Beyond Discovery

With discovery complete, we set to work designing and developing a unique three-part learning curriculum spanning the spectrum from the basics to advanced practices:

  • SQL Foundation - Triage Best Practices
  • SQL, SSMS and Excel - Working Together
  • SQL Techniques - Faster Queries

To maximize engagement and learning impact, all classes integrated Triage case studies into the curriculum. To establish confidence in our instructor and a baseline for all participants, the program started with excel pivot tables before moving on to complex SQL queries.  Some advanced more quickly than others but we kept everyone attaining SQL knowledge by adjusting the progression and pace through the curriculum.


Learnit’s customized program has been a success with a wide range of benefits including:

  • New consultants ramp up quicker.
  • Less reliance on the ‘local expert’.
  • A common language surrounding Triage data, and best practices for querying data.
  • More efficient queries.

Learnit and our lead instructor hit a home run with staff who are now confidently skilled and fully in command of the core functions and high-level capabilities of SQL.