Photoshop Intermediate

Photoshop Intermediate


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Course ID: B8001

Duration: 2 Days

Location: In-Person (San Francisco) or Live Online | Click here to schedule private course.


This course will prepare you to use the most common basic features of Adobe Photoshop CC. In this course, you will:

  • Use brushes, gradients and tool presets to create raster images.

  • Apply vector paths, shape drawing tools, type, and type special effects.

  • Apply advanced layer techniques with masks, filters, layers and smart objects.

  • Apply actions and batch processing to automate tasks.

  • Edit video by using timelines, transitions, graphics, titles and animation.

  • Set project requirements by identifying the purpose, audience, copyright rules and project management tasks.

+ Who Should Attend

This is an entry level Photoshop course recommended for all levels. 


+ Course Outline

Module 1: Creating Raster Images

  • Draw with Brushes 
  • Create Gradients 
  • Apply Tool Presets

Module 2: Applying Vector Image Tools

  • Create Images with Vector Paths 
  • Apply the Shape Drawing Tools 
  • Work with Type 
  • Apply Type Special Effects

Module 3: Applying Advanced Layer Techniques

  • Modify Images with Masks 
  • Apply Special Effects by Using Filters 
  • Apply Special Effects to Layers 
  • Apply Smart Objects for Nondestructive Editing

Module 4: Automating Tasks

  • Create and Apply Actions 
  • Batch Process Files with Photoshop and Adobe Bridge

Module 5: Editing Video

  • Edit Video 
  • Add Graphics, Titles, and Animation to Video

Module 6: Setting Project Requirements

  • Identify Purpose, Audience, and Audience Needs 
  • Adhere to Copyright Rules for Artwork, Graphics, and Graphics Use 
  • Determine and Evaluate Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities


+ Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

+ Certifications


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