Sharepoint Fundamentals

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This course is for anyone who uses SharePoint.

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Sharepoint Fundamentals

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Two, 2-hour Modules (9am - 11:30am PT)

This Sharepoint training class begins with an overview of the SharePoint platform: why you would use it, common situations, real-world examples, and a brief overview of its salient features. 

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June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021

Course Outline

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Microsoft SharePoint Overview 
  • Efficiently Access and Navigate Your Company's SharePoint Team Site 
  • Create SharePoint Libraries That Contain Document Files 
  • Integrate SharePoint With Microsoft Office Programs 
  • Collaborating with Others in the SharePoint Environment 
  • Using SharePoint Sort, Filter, and Search Tools 
  • Customizing User Views to Enhance Data Access 
  • Use SharePoint Lists to Track Data 
  • Create Pages for Information Content Sharing 
  • Customizing Site Pages for Effective Presentation 

Day 1 - Topics 

  • Microsoft SharePoint Overview 
  • Understanding the SharePoint Site Structure and Hierarchy 
  • Examining SharePoint Apps 
  • How Do Site Permissions Effect User Access 
  • Efficiently Access and Navigate Your Company's SharePoint Team Site 
  • Navigating with The Quick Launch Bar 
  • Using the Top Link Bar to Navigate 
  • Access Site Apps Through the Site Contents Area 
  • Following Sites 
  • Create SharePoint Libraries That Contain Document Files 
  • What Is a SharePoint Library 
  • Creating Documents to Store in A SharePoint Library 
  • Adding Files to A Library 
  • Creating Library Folders 
  • Exploring Different Types of Libraries 
  • Integrate SharePoint With Microsoft Office Programs 
  • Opening and Editing Library Documents 
  • Working with The Office 365 On-Line Apps 
  • How to Edit in Either Office 365 On-Line or Desktop Apps 
  • Collaborating with Others in The SharePoint Environment 
  • How to Best Work with Others in A Simultaneous Multi-User Environment 
  • Understanding and Managing Versioning 
  • Using the Check-Out Process to Exclude Others from Working on The Same Document 
  • How Does the Content-Approval Process Work 
  • What Happens to Deleted Documents 
  • Use Alerts to Keep Up-To-Date on Users’ Activities in A Library 

Microsoft SharePoint Fundamentals 

Day 2 - Topics 

  • Using SharePoint Sort, Filter, And Search Tools 
  • How to Use the SharePoint Sorting and Filtering Tools to Locate Documents 
  • Understanding Search Levels in The SharePoint Environment 
  • Grouping Library Documents for More-Effective Access 
  • Customizing User Views to Enhance Data Access 
  • Controlling Visibility of Column Information 
  • Creating New Columns in A Library or List 
  • Creating Team And/Or Personal Views 
  • Use SharePoint Lists to Track Data 
  • Understanding the Structure of a SharePoint List 
  • Creating New SharePoint Lists 
  • Creating Records in A SharePoint List 
  • Using SharePoint Links Lists 
  • Managing A SharePoint Calendar 
  • How to Use A Task List in SharePoint 
  • Exporting Excel Data into A SharePoint List 
  • Create Pages for Information Content Sharing 
  • How Are Pages Used in SharePoint 
  • Create and Format A SharePoint Page 
  • Creating Links and Other Content 
  • Customizing Site Pages for Effective Presentation 
  • Create and Configure New SharePoint Sites as A Site-Owner 
  • Adding News Pages and Quick Links 
  • Assign Permissions and Access Rights to Team Members 
  • Configure Site Settings, Navigation and Search Capabilities 

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