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This class is for employees who want to use MS Teams to better collaborate with coworkers — beyond email and shared drives.

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Microsoft Teams

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Two, 2-hour Modules (9am - 11:30am PT)

Intra-office chat systems like Slack and Microsoft Teams are a smart alternative to today’s overflowing email inboxes and abandoned voicemails. MS Teams is actually much more than just a chat system; it offers phone calls, videoconferences, document attachments, website chat box integration, topic channels, and more.

Chat. After giving an overview of how to get around Teams, we’ll show you its primary feature: chat. Instead of sending an email, contacting a colleague by chat is much more effective when you need their immediate attention. Chat is a less formal way of communicating with coworkers, so you can safely intersperse emoji and customized Grumpy Cat memes. If you need to share a file with a coworker, it’s easier and faster than sending an email attachment.

Calls and Videoconferences. When you need more context to explain yourself, you can easily switch from chat to voice call or videoconference. We’ll show you how to manage a contact list within Teams, initiate calls, launch videoconferences, and share your screen. Like its competitor Zoom, MS Teams has a number of settings related to videoconferencing.

Building a Team. A larger organization will want to ensure that there are global “channels” for company-wide messaging and team-specific channels for individual office branches or departments. We’ll show you how to create teams and topic-specific channels for chat discussions between employees.

Outlook Features. Instead of being a replacement for email, the best way to use MS Teams is as a complement to Outlook: integrating it with calendars, meetings, and more. We’ll show you how to use these two cornerstone applications in harmony.

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June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17 & June 18, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021

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Course Outline

Learning Outcomes:

  • Initiate and respond to chats with coworkers.
  • Use call, videoconference, and screen-sharing features.
  • Set up collaborative teams and topic channels.
  • Use the integrated features between Teams and Outlook.

Lesson 1: Teams Overview

  • Understanding the Purpose of Teams
  • Navigating Teams
  • Setting up your Profile

Lesson 2: Teams Chat

  • Chatting with a Colleague
  • Group Chats
  • Making a Video/Phone Call During a Chat
  • Sharing Your Screen
  • Viewing your Organization Chart
  • Sharing Files Via Chat 

Lesson 3: Building a Team

  • Creating a Team
  • Creating Channels
  • Creating a Post
  • Searching for Posts, Files & Messages

Lesson 4: Outlook Integration 

  • Modifying Calendar Views
  • Scheduling a Meeting from Teams
  • Scheduling a Meeting from Outlook

Lesson 5: Options Setting and Other Features

  • Device Settings
  • Teams Themes
  • Notification Settings

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Microsoft Teams


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