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Spreadsheets are the most commonly used tool for analyzing data in a business. From tracking sales to balancing the budget, a spreadsheet is crucial to business performance. Microsoft Excel is considered the leading application for businesses to use to create spreadsheets.

Learn iT! offers various Excel training courses to help employees master this program. Our courses include:

These courses are designed to teach employees about all of the functions that Excel offers, not just the simplified processes. Our students learn how to operate the program and will be able to create:

  • Work Charts

  • Pivot Tables

  • Graphs

  • Charts

Our students also learn how to generate formulas to get the results you need in your spreadsheets for your specific business or industry. Learn iT! guides students through in-depth training on the functions of Excel so that they can utilize the program to its fullest potential.

Training Is Always Beneficial

If your office uses Excel, it is beneficial to your company to have employees that are skilled at using this program. Whether it is basic training for a new hire or advanced training for your current staff, Excel training is a great way to increase productivity in your office setting.