CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ Certification

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Duration: 5 Days

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The CompTIA Security+ Certification course has been designed for students who wish to learn how to implement information security across a variety of different contexts. Throughout the course, students will learn how to implement, monitor, and troubleshoot infrastructure, application, information, and operational security.

+ Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for experienced IT professionals. Typical students of this course include:

  • Those with background skills in Windows-based Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks
  • Those with experience using alternative operating systems, including macOS, Unix, or Linux.
  • Those looking to enhance their IT career through additional learning
  • Those preparing for the CompTIA Security+ certification examination

+ Course Outline

Module 1: Identifying Security Fundamentals

  • Identify Information Security Concepts
  • Identify Basic Security Controls
  • Identify Basic Authentication and Authorization Concepts
  • Identify Basic Cryptography Concepts

Module 2: Analyzing Risk

  • Analyze Organizational Risk
  • Analyze the Business Impact of Risk

Module 3: Identifying Security Threats

  • Identify Types of Attackers
  • Identify Social Engineering Attacks
  • Identify Malware Identify Software-Based Threats
  • Identify Network-Based Threats
  • Identify Wireless Threats
  • Identify Physical Threats

Module 4: Conducting Security Assessments

  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Assess Vulnerabilities
  • Implement Penetration Testing

Module 5: Implementing Host And Software Security

  • Implement Host Security
  • Implement Cloud and Virtualization Security
  • Implement Mobile Device Security
  • Incorporate Security in the Software Development Lifecycle

Module 6: Implementing Network Security

  • Configure Network Security Technologies
  • Secure Network Design Elements
  • Implement Secure Networking Protocols and Services
  • Secure Wireless Traffic

Module 7: Managing Identity And Access

  • Implement Identity and Access Management
  • Configure Directory Services
  • Configure Access Services
  • Manage Accounts

Module 8: Implementing Cryptography

  • Identify Advanced Cryptography Concepts
  • Select Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Configure a Public Key Infrastructure
  • Enroll Certificates
  • Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
  • Revoke Certificates

Module 9: Implementing Operational Security

  • Evaluate Security Frameworks and Guidelines
  • Incorporate Documentation in Operational Security
  • Implement Security Strategies
  • Manage Data Security Processes
  • Implement Physical Controls

Module 10: Addressing Security Incidents

  • Troubleshoot Common Security Issues
  • Respond to Security Incidents
  • Investigate Security Incidents

Module 11: Ensuring Business Continuity

  • Select Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Processes
  • Develop a Business Continuity Plan


+ Prerequisites

  • CompTIA Network+ Certification
  • CompTIA A+ Certification
  • Using Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1: Transition from Windows 7
After mastering CompTIA’s vendor-neutral approach to Security students may wish to look to a vendor-specific approach to security in a Microsoft of Cisco offering. Additionally students may want to expand their security knowledge by focusing on security policy and procedures in CISSP. For a more targeted approach to Security there is the CEH offering.

To ensure your success in your course, you should possess basic Windows user skills and a fundamental understanding of computer and networking concepts. CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications, or equivalent knowledge, and six to nine months experience in networking, including configuring security parameters, are strongly recommended.



+ Certifications

Students will prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification examination (SY0-501).

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