Welcome DPH employees! We are collaborating with Learn iT! to provide you with supplemental trainings in addition to our in-house offerings and trainings offered by DHR, Data Academy, Academy X and City University.

We hope you take advantage of what Learn iT! has to offer as you explore professional development opportunities to expand your skills. Leveraging our Tuition Reimbursement Program:: You can revisit the process for Tuition Reimbursement here: https://sfdhr.org/online-tuition-reimbursement-process

Take advantage of a wide range of Professional Development, Office Application, and Technical Training opportunities. Explore public classes on the Learn iT! website. Attend one of two ways: in-person or live online.  Department of Public Health employees using Tuition Reimbursement can find more information here: https://sfdhr.org/online-tuition-reimbursement-process

Browse Courses

Browse Courses

How to Register

How to Register


Professional Development


How to Register / FAQ


Learn iT! is partnering with SF DPH to expand opportunities for learning and professional growth.

How to Register for Public Courses

  1. Visit learnit.com to get started.  You can browse by category or search for a specific course by typing it into the Search bars on our home page.

  2. Once you’ve found your class of choice, choose your options (date, delivery method, etc.) and click the “Prepaid Registration” button.

  3. Fill out the “Prepaid Course Registration” form, enter your access code and click the “Register” button. You’re done!


Access Code: Example2018 783749


Cancellation Policy

  • Professional Development: Three business days prior to the class date

  • Office Applications: Three business days prior to the class date

  • Data & IT Training: 10 business days prior to the class date

  • Web Design & Development: Three business days prior to the class date

Points of Contact

Learn iT! Account Manager: Matt Murawski | P: 415.946.6483 | Matt.Murawski@learnit.com

Company Contact: Besty Gran | betsy.gran@sfdph.org