How to Capitalize on New Business Opportunities

Get Agile: Before It’s Too Late.


Agility is the ability to see and capitalize on new opportunities quickly in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. People at every level of your organization need to quickly respond to change and drive results, or be left behind. To create sustainable value amid high stakes of uncertainty, it’s imperative that organizations take a disciplined approach and hone strategic agility and resilience. Think about agility as a set of concrete behaviors or characteristics that we can practice: Mental Agility, People Agility, Change Agility and Results Agility. When we focus on developing these four behaviors we become more learning agile. Learning Agility  is “knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.” Research shows that Learning Agility is a reliable indicator of leadership potential because learning agile people “excel at absorbing information from their experience and then extrapolating from those to navigate unfamiliar situations.” We can develop learning agility for ourselves by cultivating four agile characteristics.

how capitalize on new business opportunities

The world of leadership belongs to the most learning agile.

Which type of agility do you want to cultivate for yourself?  How will you practice that type of agility?





Jennifer Albrecht, Vice President of Professional Development, has been teaching and consulting with Learn iT! since 1997. Since joining Learn iT!, Jennifer has built and facilitated all of Learn iT!’s Professional Development classes including Communication, Leadership, Negotiating and Decision Making.

Jennifer strongly believes in Learn iT!’s 8 Step Model for Learning and applies it in all of the classes she builds and facilitates. Further information on the 8 Step Model can be found here.