Learn iT!’s story begins in 1994 in the city of San Francisco. Walter Lembi, a prominent business man working in the real estate industry, found himself in need of Excel training.

After attending, Walt found himself wondering how he could make learning a new skill for the workplace simpler and more enjoyable.  Walt quickly got to work and did just that when he opened the first Learn iT! office in 1995.

After several years of successful growth, Walt had the thought to bring his oldest son, Damon Lembi, in to help guide Learn iT! into the new century.  Damon quickly found passion and pride in bringing his father’s vision to fruition by cultivating learning and development for Learn iT!s clients.

Learn iT! spent the next two decades expanding course offerings to become a leader in corporate training.  Fueled by talented educators, ongoing content development, and real-world business application, Learn iT! has created custom learning solutions for hundreds of clients from small non profits to Fortune 100 clients.

Learn iT! is committed to staying on the forefront of professional development and personal growth to support organizations and their teams.  By leveraging the latest innovations in education technology, the Learn iT! team can teach virtually any skill to make organizations and their most valuable assets, their people, thrive.


History & Timeline