Professional Development Instructor - Part-Time


Remote, with availability to travel for in-person delivery.





Learnit Company Overview

Fueled by talented educators, ongoing content development, and real-world business application, Learnit has created custom learning solutions for hundreds of small non-profits to Fortune 100 clients. From the heart of San Francisco, Learnit has supported over 14,000 organizations in upskilling their workforce, boosting job performance and productivity, and increasing employee confidence and happiness.

Learnit is committed to staying at the forefront of professional development and personal growth to support organizations and teams. By leveraging the latest innovations in education technology, the Learnit team can teach virtually any skill to make organizations and their most valuable assets, their people, thrive.

Learnit provides virtual and in-person training on today's most in-demand skills for individuals and organizations. Through engaging learning experiences that bring about personal and professional development, Learnit helps employees and organizations do their best work. Employees are the cornerstone of every company; they innovate, build products, serve customers, solve problems, and build dreams. Learnit helps companies establish systematic, holistic, and practical learning solutions for various hard and soft skills. The Learnit mission: Support employee and organizational growth.

Learnit's greatest asset is its people, and you will be joining a team of dreamers and doers. Learnit’s part-time instructors work remotely from their home office.

Position Overview

Learnit is seeking part-time Professional Development Instructors who have a passion for learning and development both inside and outside of the classroom. We are looking for individuals who understand that training involves more than just delivering great content and an excellent experience but also leaving students with a curiosity to continue their learning journey. The ideal candidate is engaging, dynamic, knowledgeable, self-directed, collaborative, flexible, and research-driven. They are deeply curious about people and the world. They are passionate about creating and delivering world-class learning solutions. 


Here is a general outline of what a part-time instructor can expect in the role:  

  • Deliver trainings to executives, managers, and individual contributors in leadership, management, communication, and productivity skills across a variety of industries.
  • Lead workshops virtually, with occasional delivery in-person at client locations.
  • Work closely with our Learning Strategists to make sure delivery is aligned with the clients' learning and development goals and objectives, potentially serve as a subject matter expert in client calls, and provide insight and recommendations on improving student success based on in-class feedback.
  • Part-time instructors can expect to teach anywhere from 0-20+ classes per month (based on client demand and instructor interest and availability) once they are fully onboarded. 

Required Qualifications:

  • Professional development training experience and strong facilitation skills
  • Experience delivering virtual instructor-led trainings (VILT)
  • Experience in a client-facing role
  • Experience working with a broad range of industries
  • Research experience and a passion for learning

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of adult learning theory, facilitation, and instructional design best practices
  • Experience developing training materials for adult learners
  • Experience working in or with start-ups 

Learnit values diversity of thought and wants to grow by hiring people with a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences that allow us to continue innovating for complex problems. Learnit is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status. 


Remote, with availability to travel for in-person delivery. 

About the Team

We are a team that is fundamentally excited and passionate about learning. We host internal training and constantly share research about the current (and future!) of learning and development. We value lifelong learning, change, accountability, a growth mindset, and teamwork.

How to Apply

Please email all of the following to

Submissions that do not include ALL THREE items in the same email will not be reviewed:

1) Cover letter detailing what drew you to this role at Learnit, and the unique background and experience you would bring to the role 

2) Current resume 

3) Link to a 2-minute video to provide a sense of your delivery style as a facilitator

Video instructions:

Please submit a 2-minute video of yourself teaching the brief topic below. The video should be of yourself presenting. Please do not use slides or visuals. We want to see YOU! We do not expect you to memorize or deliver this script word for word. In fact, we’d prefer you to deliver in your own voice and style, as long as you cover the main points below. We are searching for a candidate who can deliver professional development concepts to a wide variety of audiences in an engaging and fun way with clarity, credibility, and confidence. 

We suggest that you record this video using the free version of either Loom ( or Vidyard ( Once you have completed your recording, please include the link to your video in the email you send to us, along with your resume and cover letter attachments. Please send all three items in the same email to: 

Video Script

Hi! My name is _________ and I’m excited to present a time management concept today to enhance your productivity at work. 

Time is a limited resource

To be more effective time managers, we must first understand our goal.  

Do we need to be more efficient or more effective?

Time Efficiency: performing a task in the best way (with maximum productivity) while wasting minimal effort. 

  • Example: marking as many items as possible off a “to do” list quickly while using minimal energy

Time Effectiveness: focusing on specific tasks to achieve a goal. The focus is more so around a purpose or end goal, which may require using additional/extraneous resources. 

  • Example: completing those items on a “to do” list first that help achieve your end goal 

Pareto Principle: named after Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto, asserts that roughly 80% of work-related output comes from only 20% of your time 

  • But many people tend to spread out work evenly instead of focusing on most important tasks

Take away: Time Effectiveness is critical, as it helps us focus on tasks that will have the biggest impact   

Wrap up: e.g., use a short story to illustrate, pick an ending statement.