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Supercharge your professional development by choosing a learning path that enables you to follow a journey of growth, tailored just to your needs.

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A learning path is a specialized course track that has been created to address specific needs, goals, and situations of today’s workforce. Choosing a learning path should be
based upon where you are in your own personal learning journey and career growth.

The Learning Path approach

Classes in these paths are designed to be taken in any order, at your discretion. What works for some may not work for others, so we aim to be flexible in allowing you the schedule,
pace, and priority level that matches your needs. Additionally, not all courses are required to be completed
for the path. Work with your direct manager to create a journey that’s suitable to you.

Explore our learning paths

Interested in learning paths specifically for business applications?

Learnit offers several learning paths dedicated solely to professional development with business applications for specific job roles and for teams and organizations.

Business application learning paths are available only for private instruction at this time.

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Succeed in the Workplace

Engaging facilitators will upskill your team

Adapting to a new workforce can often come as a challenge. This learning path is for those new to the workforce, changing industries, or rejoining the corporate world. It’s crucial to have the right skills and tools in place so you can focus on the ins and outs of the organization, its culture, and mission. These courses are fundamental for success in the modern workplace.

Build resilience


  • Get control of your time to not let time control you
  • Ensure your written ideas are simple, clear, and influential
  • Take care of yourself, so you can accomplish your goals

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High-Potential Accelerator

Are you looking to be seen as a high-potential employee ready to take the next step in your career? This learning path will equip you with tools necessary for all future great leaders and will help you stand out from the pack. Skills include higher level technical capabilities, growth mindset, resiliency, and top-notch communication, all to help you feel confident that the next promotion is yours.


  • Build your career and reputation on the power of a growth mindset
  • Effectively collaborate and solve problems across teams and systems
  • Demonstrate skillful communication that works at any level
  • Establish yourself as a resilient and assertive voice in your organization

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Leadership Launchpad

The workshops in this learning path are designed to develop foundational skills for new managers. As you journey through this path you will develop the confidence to launch into success as a new people leader.

Millennials and Learning


  • Emerge as a leader who has the trust and respect of your team
  • Confidently motivate and spark creative thinking in the people you support
  • Understand how to listen effectively and make better decisions
  • Deliver feedback that fosters growth and performance
  • Nurture your growth with your leadership cohort network
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Next Level Leadership

We never forget our favorite boss. The one that was more than just a traditional manager, but empowered us to grow, do our best work, and made us feel like we had a purpose. This learning path develops skills to take experienced leaders to that next level of leadership and make a true impact on their organization, peers, and direct reports.

Increase In Training Investment Pays Off


  • Inspire your team with a compelling vision, fantastic meetings, and the ability to make things happen
  • Demonstrate the behaviors and skills of an executive
  • Confidently announce and lead your people through the cycle of change
  • Harness a positive mindset to manage the challenges and stress of leadership
  • Nurture your leadership skills with the support of your cohort network

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People-Centered Project Management

In this path you will learn the technical skills to develop a strong framework of project management. In addition, you will focus on the required people and communication skills to take you from good to great project management.

Influencing without authority


  • Understand the essentials of project management lifecycle
  • Navigate the people side of project management
  • Keep an eye on the big picture by understanding how change impacts projects
  • Skillfully manage conflict to keep your project on track
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Problem Solve Like A Pro

This learning path is unique – it's designed for anyone in the workforce. We’re all in the relationship business and we’re all in the problem-solving business. Whether you’re an executive, manager, or individual contributor, success relies on having the right skillset to understand problems, develop solutions, and implement them effectively.

Building today's workforce


  • Spark creative thinking and idea generation
  • Ground your creativity in solid analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Employ innovation and structure to brainstorming
  • Level up your data analysis with improved understanding, evaluation, and visuals.
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