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Panel Event: Adopting an Athlete's Mindset

Anyone looking for tools to become a better leader, learn tools to adopt a healthier, more resilient mindset, and learn a new approach to tackling performance.

Panelist & Guest Speakers
Panelist & Guest Speakers

July 23, 2021


1 hour

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Panel Event: Adopting an Athlete's Mindset

Overview & Description:

As the world re-opens, organizations and leaders are now strategizing on how they will lead and grow their organizations and teams for the future. Many questions remain unanswered, but the opportunity before us is clear: we have the potential to create a more positive, more productive, healthier work environment and become stronger leaders ourselves.  Our panel of athletes dived into the mindset and qualities needed to lead, thrive and set your team up for success as we continue to meet new changes in 2021.

Together we will discuss and reflect on:

  1. Common Threads: What are the common qualities of high-performing athletes and individuals?
  2. Mindset: How do athletes use resilience and positive-self talk to overcome self-limiting beliefs?
  3. Teamwork: How can we all use teamwork to improve collaboration and become better leaders?
  4. Applying the Principles: How can everyone apply the values and principles employed by strong athletes to feel stronger and perform better at work, life, and play?

Who this session is for:  

Anyone looking for tools to become a better leader, learn tools to adopt a healthier, more resilient mindset, and learn a new approach to tackling performance.

About our Panelists:

Jacob Cruz, Professional Baseball Player and Coach of the Milwaukee Brewers

Jacob Cruz is an American professional baseball former outfielder and current coach. He is the assistant hitting coach for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball and previously played professionally in South Korea and Mexico. He is also a long-time, dear friend of Learnit's CEO, Damon Lembi!

Valetta Burgess, Athlete, and Coach at Columbia International University

Valetta is the newest member of the Learnit instructor team. As a former firefighter, Communications Officer for the Myrtle Beach Police Department, IT Sergeant in the National Guard, Valetta brings a breadth of experience and unique perspective. She is currently an athlete and coach at Columbia International University.

Kasey Altman, Former D1 VolleyBall Player, Account Executive at Google, Podcaster & Writer

Kasey is an NYC-based writer, backpacker, former Division I athlete and Account Executive with a demonstrated history of success at Google & Greenhouse Software.

To know Kasey is to feel her entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and resilience. Kasey will share insights on how she has addressed challenges and reroutes throughout her life, particularly in the last year since being diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

Damon Lembi, CEO at Learnit and Former D1 Baseball Player

After dedicating the initial 22 years of his life to the pursuit of becoming a Major League baseball player, Damon pivoted in 1995 to help his father (Walt Lembi, Founder of Learnit) by investing his heart and soul in Learnit to help individuals gain the knowledge and confidence they need in attaining their professional goals through the value of education.

Damon has a deep commitment to the Learnit team past and present and the San Francisco Bay Area Community as a whole, where he was born and raised. Damon attributes Learnit’s longevity and success to the ability to surround himself with “A” players and taking advantage of learning / evolving through past mistakes.

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