Hybrid Work

Free Event: Hybrid Communication and Collaboration

Establish new team norms, manage a team that's shifting, and foster an inclusive culture during times of transition and hybrid work.

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August 13, 2021


1 hour

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Free Event: Hybrid Communication and Collaboration


This session is based on Learnit's new workshop on Leading Hybrid Teams.

In this session, you'll learn tools for establishing new team norms, how to manage a team that’s shifting, and communicate during times of transition. We will also discuss ways to foster an inclusive culture in a hybrid work environment.

Everyone who attends all four of Learnit's free Friday events in August will receive a badge of certification in People Management.


  • Explore how to reassess and get buy in for new team norms
  • Discuss tools for shaping hybrid communication and collaboration
  • Create methods for self-awareness around bias toward in-person communication
  • Understand methods for helping employees create and respect boundaries

Who this session is for:

This session is for anyone curious about ways to better lead teams in a hybrid work environment.

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