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Driving Business Outcomes with Data Science Using Design Thinking

This session is based on Menlo College's full-length program on Driving Business Outcomes with Data Science Using Design Thinking.

Panelist & Guest Speakers
Panelist & Guest Speakers

June 17, 2021


1 hour

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Driving Business Outcomes with Data Science Using Design Thinking


This session is based on Menlo College's full-length program on Driving Business Outcomes with Data Science Using Design Thinking.

Lifelong learning is essential for those engaged in today's business and technology worlds. Innovation, Creativity, and Strategic Doing are methods that provide solution-based approaches to solving problems over five stages: empathize, design, ideate, prototype, and test. It's important to comprehend these five stages in the context of data science for addressing a problem, discovering solutions, creating new sources of value, and empowering stakeholders.

It is also important to create a shared understanding between data scientists and designers so we can get the most out of this powerful collaboration. Instead of parallel tracks working in isolation, they need to take advantage of opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaborative co-creation, and shared learning.

What You Can Expect to Gain from this Session:

  • Learn to use a human-centered approach to design thinking that is intertwined with data science.
  • Use data science techniques to identify emerging patterns and opportunities related to issues that can help you and your organization to optimize your decision-making.

Who This Session is For:

Data Scientists, Business Managers, and people who are seeking to drive social innovation with Data Science and Design Thinking.

About Our Speakers:

Mouwafac Sidaoui:

Dr. Mouwafac Sidaoui is the Dean of the School of Business at Menlo College and a Professor of Business Analytics and Data Science. A teacher and innovative problem solver, he has nearly 20 years of experience in bringing people together across different organizations and sectors to develop globally savvy business leaders.

Mouwafac is recognized as a global thought leader in data science, business analytics, and big Data strategy. He received widespread recognition, teaching, research, professional achievement, and public service, including the University Distinguished Teacher Awards.

Mouwafac is speaker and adviser to academic organizations regarding Remote Learning and Global Education Reform in numerous countries. Has been interviewed by television networks and other media in Colombia, Lebanon, U.S.A., Spain, and United Arab Emirates.

Bill Schmarzo:

Bill Schmarzo is a Data Science & Data Monetization Strategic Advisor at Menlo College and a Professor of Data Science, Design Thinking, and Economics. Bill teaches, mentors and provides hands-on guidance to senior IT and business leadership to drive collaboration between your business stakeholders and data, analytics, and data science teams to identify (envision) where and how data and analytics can deliver measurable, relevant business and the operational impact.

He also trains organizations using a pragmatic, ROI-driven data monetization methodology - complete with a detailed training methodology, design templates, key economic and analytic concepts, and hands-on exercises - to identify, validate, value and prioritize the key use cases that deliver business and operational outcomes optimized with data and analytics.

About Menlo College, Executive Education Academy:

Executive education is an integral part of Menlo College School of Business and a key driver in our overall mission to contribute to the development of local and international business organizations.

We pride ourselves in the long-standing relationships that we have established over the 94 years with our partner companies and academic organizations. The close collaboration between our professors, executive education specialists, and our Silicon Valley partners has resulted in many extraordinary learning experiences and knowledge sharing.

We help Executives gain new perspectives in an increasingly complex business and technical environment. Our programs deliver relevant real-world business and innovation challenges, and we provide immediate value that positively impacts organizations of the future.

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