Free Event: Advanced Functions for Excel Power Users

Learn next-level features and techniques in Excel to significantly enhance your spreadsheets!

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September 30, 2022


1 hr

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Free Event: Advanced Functions for Excel Power Users


This session will based on Learnit's full-length workshops on Excel Power User.

Even if you're already a "power user" with a few pivot tables under your belt and a good grasp of charts and other standard Excel topics, there are a few next-level features and techniques that truly distinguish the Excel pros. With a little guidance from one of our amazing trainers, these features won't be hard for you to pick up and will significantly enhance your spreadsheets:

What You'll Learn:

  1. V-Lookups
  2. Pivot table enhancements
  3. Charts & advanced formatting
  4. Other tips and tricks to apply every day

Who this event is for:

Users who are already proficient in formulas, functions, cell references, charts, and basic pivot tables.

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