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The Learnit Lens

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The Learnit Lens
Damon Lembi
July 10, 2024
The Learnit Lens

We are thrilled to introduce The Learnit Lens, our new weekly newsletter! Each issue will bring you free events, practical advice, inspiring stories from The Learn-It-All Podcast, and much more. This newsletter is a must-read for anyone with an insatiable appetite for growth and knowledge. Stay curious and keep learning with us, because companies grow when their people do.

The 4 topics for each week’s newsletter are:

  1. Learnit Free Live Events
  2. A Free Downloadable Resource
  3. Podcast Episode Highlight
  4. Corporate Training Industry Insight

Live Events at Learnit

At Learnit, we believe in the power of continuous growth and development. That's why we regularly host free events designed to help learners enhance their skills and thrive in their careers. Our interactive sessions cover a wide range of topics, from leadership to AI.

Join us and experience learning that is practical, engaging, and immediately applicable. By attending our free events, you'll gain valuable insights, connect with industry experts, and continue your path to growth.

The Learn-It-All Leader

Great leaders aren't born or made—they're in the making. They focus on the journey, where true growth and learning occur, distinguishing themselves from mere managers. In "The Learn-It-All Leader," Learnit CEO Damon Lembi shares his insights from a baseball career and over two decades of leadership. 

He highlights the mindset needed to make better decisions, take bold risks, and build stronger teams. Learn how embracing a learn-it-all attitude can transform your leadership style, attract adaptable team members, and foster a thriving workplace. With entertaining anecdotes and practical advice, this book is your guide to exceptional leadership and continuous growth.

Building Strong Leaders

In this episode, Damon Lembi and Darren Bridgett discuss enhancing workplace communication and leadership with Meredith Bell, co-founder of Grow Strong Leaders. They explore the importance of strong relationships, transitioning from consulting to software, and the impact of continuous learning. 

Meredith shares insights on fostering team loyalty, managing distractions, and practicing active listening. Key points include cultivating calmness and confidence, the role of vulnerability and honesty in building trust, and creating a supportive team culture.

Improving Engagement at Work

With only 31% of North American employees feeling engaged, businesses lose a massive $8.8 trillion in productivity annually. Is this affecting your team too?

Watching your team's enthusiasm drop is disheartening, especially knowing the ripple effects: plummeting productivity, increasing turnover, and a culture in crisis.

It's time for a shift. Here’s how to re-energize and rebuild a more engaged, dynamic team:

  • Foster Belonging: Deepen connections. Show genuine care for each person's well-being.
  • Empower Growth: Offer robust development opportunities. Training, mentoring, and clear advancement paths matter.
  • Recognize Effort: A culture of appreciation encourages active participation.
  • Ensure Flexibility: Balance is non-negotiable. Honor the blend of professional and personal life.
  • Promote Positivity: Champion a culture of collaboration, innovation, and respect.

Embrace these strategies to see productivity soar, loyalty solidify, and your workplace culture flourish.