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Roadrunner’s guide to Excel

Improve your speed and productivity in Excel — Do you know these keyboard shortcuts?

Roadrunner’s guide to Excel
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December 3, 2015
Roadrunner’s guide to Excel

microsoft office excel shortcuts 2016

The list of shortcuts below are the shortcuts I show to my students in my Excel classes. Per a student’s recent suggestion I decided to compile them all into one document. If you’ve been in my class, then welcome back, these are for you! If you haven’t been in my class before, you’ll get plenty of use out of these when using Excel. **You can scroll to the bottom of this blog to see tutorials on how to use each keyboard shortcut.

Moving around

Navigate to end of data                                Ctrl + ↔↕

Navigate back to the beginning                 Ctrl + Home

Move between sheets                                  Ctrl ­+ Page Up / Page Down

Move between open workbooks             Shift + Tab

Selecting Stuff

Select a line of data                                         Ctrl + Shift + ↔↕

Select your whole data set                          Ctrl + A

Expand your selection by one                    Shift + ↔↕


Execute and move to the right                   Tab

Execute and move down                              Enter

Execute and stay                                             Ctrl + Enter

Other Useful Shortcuts

Make Absolute (lock or anchor)                F4

Insert today’s date                                          Ctrl + ; (semi-colon)

Basic Shortcuts (not specific to Excel)

Copy                                                                      Ctrl + C

Paste                                                                     Ctrl + V

Undo                                                                     Ctrl + Z

Redo                                                                     Ctrl + Y

Select multiple adjacent cells                      Shift

Select multiple non-adjacent cells            Ctrl


Navigate to the end of your data set

how to use excel shortcuts

Ctrl + Directional Keys (arrows on your keyboard)

Select a whole line of data inside a data set

excel shortcuts 2
excel shortcuts 3

Ctrl + HomeNavigate back to the beginning (go to cell A1)

excel shortcuts 4

Select your whole data set!

Ctrl + A

excel shortcuts 5

Select an entire column

Ctrl + Spacebar

excel shortcuts 6

Select an entire row

Shift + Spacebar

excel shortcuts 7

Insert a row or column

Ctrl + Shift + “+”

excel shortcuts 8

** Make sure you already selected an entire row or column.

Remove a row or column

Ctrl + “-”

** Make sure you already selected the entire row or column.

Expand a selection by one cell, or one row, or one column

Shift + Directional Keys (arrows on your keyboard)

excel shortcuts 9