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Power BI: Bringing your business into the future

Power BI is, with its user-friendliness and intuitive functions, here to stay.

Power BI: Bringing your business into the future
Editorial Team
October 10, 2016
Power BI: Bringing your business into the future

Finally, a simple method for getting all companies using big data successfully. Excel Power BI is now a one-stop shop, letting everyone—computer scientists, engineers, project managers, financial analysts, CEOs, and executives—speak the same language. Excel Power BI is a fully-integrated suite of business analytics tools that will help your business analyze data from anywhere and share insights with anyone. You can monitor your business at your desk and on the go, and get quick answers to complex questions through rich dashboards and stunning charts and graphs—all while doing away with unwieldy spreadsheets.

powerbi bring your business into the future

There is a function for everyone. Executives can pull big-picture results and trends. Data scientists can deep dive into the intricacies of business performance. All users can pull complicated data sets from multiple sources and transform them into tables, charts, graphs, interactive maps, reports, dashboards, and answers. Most importantly, you don’t need to be a data scientist to do this or to love doing it.

What’s more, you have access to some Power BI tools right in Excel (2013 and 2016), so you don’t have to hunt down obscure add-ins, plugins, and downloads. These tools have been renamed and integrated into Excel’s interface to make user experience easy and seamless. No matter what your industry is, there’s a lot for you here.

Here is a glance at the Power BI tools we’re most excited about:

Power BI Desktop

This lets you transform, analyze, and visualize data, view data in dashboards, and share reports in seconds. Power BI has an enhanced user experience in which the data analysis tools are a part of the interface and the user doesn’t have to jump between multiple applications to reach them. In addition, users can conduct data clean-up and data modelling directly in the application.

power bi desktop

Get and Transform (formerly Power Query)

Transform your data by renaming columns and tables, changing text to numbers, removing rows, setting the first row as headers, and more. You can combine data and connect to two or more data sources, then consolidate them into one useful query.

get and transform

Stunning visuals. Beautiful charts and graphs will provide your customers with the storylines, trends, charts, and high-level results they love. And you can now create your own custom visuals (slicers, charts, tables) that will be ready to use whenever you need them.

power bi charts

Data modelling (formerly Power Pivot)

Designers and analysts will find Power BI a flexible and powerful tool for designing data models. The Power BI landscape allows data to be combined from multiple tables and then presented in a pivot table, easy-to-understand dynamic dashboards, reports, or visuals. And the platform keeps the familiarity of Excel, so you can start using the new and updated features right away.

Live, interactive dashboards

Monitor the health of your business using live dashboards wherever you are. Power BI lets you view your most critical business data and share them with customers so they can interact with them too. Use interactive tabs to provide your users with ad hoc querying and access to relevant reports. You’ll no longer just be creating dashboards: you’ll be using dashboards to work for you, by pulling what you need when you need it.

power bi

Collaboration among teams, with app and Office 365 compatibility.

Access your data on the go with the Power BI Mobile app. This cloud-based business analytics service runs seamlessly on Desktop, Office 365, and mobile devices including Android, iOS, and Windows. The user-friendly online and desktop platform lets users share dashboards, data models, and reports. You can even host reports, charts, graphs, and dashboards online and share them with customers who don’t have Power BI. Users with Power BI Pro can create group workspaces to organize content by subject-area, promote project-based development and ensure sound decision-making based on shared tools, information, and data analysis.

More Features of Power BI

3D Maps (formerly Power Maps). Microsoft has improved its geographical information systems (GIS). Users can click on maps to see the data behind their areas of interest. GIS is also integrated into visual analytics.

more features of power bi

Q&A (Power BI online only)

Imagine asking Excel, “What were our top-performing projects last year?” Power BI Q&A makes this possible. Use natural language and drag-and-drop gestures to find answers to your most important questions. Ask Power BI your question, and it will answer in the form of charts and graphs. Zoom in and out of your data, from the details to the big-picture trends.

ask a question

Mobile alerts

Suppose your sales team passes its goal for the month. Now you can set alerts in the Power BI mobile app and in Power BI online to let you know when there are data changes like that in your dashboards.