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As a top valued member of the Learnit community, we are inviting you to join the Good Critic Club, an exclusive circle of learning enthusiasts who are granted early bird access to new content, a “behind the scenes” look at our design and development process, and the ability to help us be the best that we can be.

As a member of the Good Critic Club, you will be able to attend pilot sessions of new and refreshed courses FOR FREE and have the opportunity to provide critical feedback as a good critic.

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Learnit Good Critic Club

A Good Critic is:

  • Articulate
  • A good listener
  • Aims for improvement
  • Insightful
  • Open-minded

What we need from you:

In addition to the qualities of a good critic listed above, there are a few things we need from you as a member attending these sessions:

  • Camera on throughout the duration of the workshop
  • Active participation in the workshop
  • A thoroughly completed course evaluation to help us continually improve

Available Workshops

MS Teams Distance Training

Elements of Transformative Listening

  • Hone your ability to deeply listen with our 3-step active listening model
  • Learn a surefire way to listen every time
  • Reliably give others the experience of feeling heard
Learning paths for Job Roles - Administrative & Financial

Communication Styles

  • Learn and navigate the 4 main communication styles
  • Identify natural accommodation patterns and transcend them
  • Reduce the friction and frustration that happens when differing communication styles interact
  • Learn a 5-step process for navigating between any combination of communication styles
Customer experience

Dealing With Conflict

  • Understand the root causes of conflict
  • Ask questions to analyze the conflict
  • Follow a four-step process to respond to conflict
Millennials and Learning

Turning Debate to Dialogue

  • Explore the ten most common archetypes of difficult behavior
  • Analyze the relationship between values and difficult behavior
  • Prepare to respond to conflict by establishing a healthy environment
  • Learn to switch from debate to dialogue
Influencing without authority

Speak to Be Heard

  • Learn a 3-step process for planning your communications
  • Learn to craft messages that are clear and simple
  • Improve confidence while communicating
  • Learn to eliminate the noise that can derail communication