Get Unstuck:

Get Unstuck: Avoid Common Pitfalls in New Manager Training Programs

Why do companies face challenges in launching and sustaining successful new manager programs?

Unlock the Secrets to Successful Learning and Development Programs with Expert Insights and Proven Solutions.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, equipping new managers with the right skills is crucial. Without the proper skillset, new managers struggle, impacting their teams and the organization.  

This event is perfect for anyone and everyone responsible for training initiatives at their organization.

Discover strategies to overcome these obstacles and develop your future leaders!

  • Identify the Right Skills for Right Now
  • Fit skill-building into busy schedules.
  • Elevate Engagement of Participants for Full Impact  

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Get Unstuck:

Avoid Common Pitfalls in New Manager Training Programs

Thursday, July 25, 2024

11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT)

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Darren Bridgett

Chief Learning Architect, Learnit

Darren Bridgett, a Bay Area native and UC Berkeley alum, began his career as a full-time actor in regional theater, film, and TV. Transitioning to communications and leadership training, he joined Learnit after serving as Head of Faculty Development at a top professional skills company, where he created programs for Fortune 100 companies.

Outside of work, Darren enjoys biking, tennis, and backpacking with his chihuahua terrier, Tecate, in the High Sierras.

Courtney Ritchie

Director of Learning Experience, Learnit

Courtney Ritchie is a seasoned executive learning professional with over 15 years of experience in driving learning and development initiatives within organizations.

As an integral member of the team at Learnit, Courtney is passionate about collaborating with businesses to build and grow effective learning programs and foster a culture of continuous learning. Her expertise in the field of corporate learning and development makes her a valuable asset in creating impactful learning solutions that drive business success.

Matt Murawski

Learning Strategist with 20+ year experience, Learnit

Matt Murawski is a native Northern Californian who loves the outdoors and grew up hiking, biking, skiing, and hunting. Matt is a no excuses, get it done kind of guy. He believes in survival of the fittest—mind and body—through hard work, discipline, and focus.

With 15+ years of experience in corporate sales at Learnit, Matt has successfully driven profits and created lifelong corporate partnerships. His mantra is Listen, Learn, Grow, Share, and Repeat.

When not in Learnit mode, Matt is either enjoying a well-brewed cup of coffee while burying his nose in the latest influential business book or he's exploring the great outdoors with his beautiful wife, rambunctious two boys, and dog.

Taryn Andreas

Sr. Director, Learning + Talent Performance, SentinelOne

Taryn joined SentinelOne, a cybersecurity company, 2 years ago to stand up their Learning + Talent Performance efforts. SentinelOne is a global organization with offices in California, London, Tel Aviv, Prague, Costa Rica, Dubai, and more. With over 15+ years of varied experiences within Learning & Talent Management, She is in a unique position to help shape the future growth of all Sentinels. Some key focus areas are professional & personal development, executive development, technical / functional training, eLearning, mentoring, new employee onboarding, employee engagement, talent performance, career pathways, and more.

Taryn’s passion comes to life while focusing on enhancing the employee experience and ensuring they have the best learning opportunities available to meet the demands of this ever-changing world. It's a true gift to be able to help lift another person into a new mindset that will forever change how they approach their life, leading a team, working with colleagues or whatever their unique circumstance maybe.

In her downtime, Taryn enjoy coffee, reading, yoga, music and watching great shows on a variety of streaming services. And, when she’s away on vacation, you'll either find her traveling the world or in Arkansas visiting with family.

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