Live Online Training

Learn iT! offers a variety of instructor led courses in a live online format so that you can learn at work, from home, or wherever life takes you. 


  • No travel expenses

  • Collaborative training in a virtual classroom

  • Virtual environment to interact with instructors and peers

  • Create your learning environment anywhere you go


In-Person Training

Bring your training to our learning environment in Downtown San Francisco. We provide you with hands on tech support and a communal classroom environment to optimize your learning experience.


  • In-person learning guided by an experienced instructor

  • Classroom environment condusive to learning

  • The opportunity to learn alongside other professionals and draw wisdom from their diverse experiences


Private Group Training

Boost your team’s productivity and increase effectiveness by engaging with us to deliver private instructor-led training, mentoring and coaching. Courses can be delivered at your preferred location or live online.

Our dedicated learning experts will collaborate with your team to develop curricula designed to help you achieve your business goals.

Benefits of Private Group Training:

  • Location of your preference, including live online

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Unified learning experience for all team members regardless of their location

  • Practical, hands-on experience with the ability to incorporate your specific ‘real world' examples

  • Cost Savings


On-Demand Learning

MOC On-Demand & Learn iT! Anytime

Learn at your pace from anywhere with our On-Demand learning solutions. Take advantage of an interactive training experience taught by our learning experts with ultimate flexibility.

MOC On-Demand

As a certified gold Microsoft Partner we are proud to offer Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand to help you build technical skills when you choose and where you choose. Click here to learn more.

Learn iT! Anytime

The perfect supplement to Instructor-Led Classes, a Learn iT! Anytime subscription puts our comprehensive catalog of interactive e-learning courses at your fingertips. Classes are available on our website, and course-ware can also be licensed and installed on your company's network. Click here to learn more. 


  • No travel expenses

  • Interactive e-learning courses at your fingertips

  • Create your learning environment anywhere you go

  • Video-based training on demand makes training easy to administer


Flex Learning

Learn iT! offers a dedicated classroom setting for learners who want to eliminate the distractions of their home and work environments. Our reserved Flex learning space is available for any live online class providing you with pre-installed software and hands on tech support. 


  • Convenient Noise-Cancelling Headphones (yours to keep), that help drown outside distractions allowing you to focus on learning

  • Dual 22” Monitors provide the convenience of watching your Instructor-led class on one monitor while scrolling through your digital courseware or executing hands-on lab exercises on the other

  • Virtual environment to interact with instructors and peers

  • Dedicated onsite support by Learn iT!’s staff