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Learnit's Women in Leadership Past & Present

A conversation with influential women who started their careers at Learnit

Panelist & Guest Speakers
Panelist & Guest Speakers

October 22, 2021


1 hour

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Learnit's Women in Leadership Past & Present


A conversation with influential women who started their careers at Learnit, have achieved extraordinary things, and – most importantly - become exceptional leaders and communicators. Our panel shared insights on how women can thoughtfully build influence and grow their roles within organizations. Our panel also shared how we can collectively make our hybrid workplaces better, more inclusive places for everyone.

About Our Speakers:

Laurel Taylor

After college, Laurel moved from the East Coast and started her career in the Bay Area, working on the sales team at Learnit. She quickly became an invaluable part of our team and grew into various leadership roles. She is now the Founder and CEO of FutureFuel.io, an organization empowering our next-gen workforce to earn their way out of debt, in partnership with the private sector.

Sarah Finchum

Sarah is a strategic sales leader specializing in enterprise customer experience software. She also started her career in sales and account management at Learnit and has gone on to build world-class enterprise software sales teams, consult marketers, advertisers, eCommerce, customer care, and executives at enterprise companies and large brands.

Mary Bussi

Passionate about the transformational nature and power of education, Mary has built a career around providing access to learning opportunities. She credits the experience, skills and grit she gained in her sales role at Learnit (starting as the company's first sales person - outside of the Lembi family - back in 1998) as the foundation for her success in attracting millions of dollars annually from corporate and foundation sources to support students and institutions of higher learning.

Carly Lutz (Panel Moderator)

After graduating from the Unversity of San Diego with a BA in International Relations & Economics, Carly started her career working in marketing for a tech start-up in the Bay Area. She quickly realized that she wanted to put her skills towards helping people learn and building community, so she was thrilled when she found Learnit. She joined Learnit's Sales & Account Management team in 2019 and has grown into her current role as Director of Community & Events over the past two years. Carly loves bringing her passions for health, education, and community-building to Learnit and is inspired by the team of incredible women she collaborates with on a daily basis. When she's not leading events or growing Learnit's online community Offsite, she can be found surfing, teaching yoga, and trail running with friends!

All Offsite members who attend every Friday event in October will receive a Badge of Certification in Women & Leadership. Learn more about our community certification / badging program here.

Non-Profit Feature: Foundation Fighting Blindness

For the months of October and November 2021, we are partnering with the Foundation Fighting Blindness. 100% of donations from these events will go toward supporting the foundation's effort to reverse blindness and restore vision.

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