Free Event: Taming Your Inner Critic with Julia Toronczak

In this empowering event, Julia, a life coach and yoga instructor, will guide you on a transformative journey to tame your inner critic.

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October 20, 2023


1 hr

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Free Event: Taming Your Inner Critic with Julia Toronczak

If you've ever found yourself held back by self-doubt, constant self-criticism, or the fear of not being good enough, this event is designed to help you break free from these barriers. Julia's unique perspective as a complex PTSD survivor who has battled her inner critic makes her the perfect guide to help you gain the confidence and self-belief you need to reach your greatest heights.

Key TakeAways:

  • Gain insights into Julia's personal journey of overcoming her inner critic and achieving her potential.
  • Learn how to identify and understand your inner critic, its origins, and its impact on your life.
  • Discover practical strategies and tools to manage and silence your inner critic's negative voice.
  • Explore the power of yoga and mindfulness in cultivating self-compassion and resilience.
  • Understand the importance of creating a safe and supportive space for personal growth and healing.
  • Engage in interactive exercises and discussions to apply what you've learned to your own life.
  • Leave feeling empowered and equipped to tackle your inner critic and reach your greatest heights.

Who this Event is for:

Anyone looking for practical tools to enhance confidence and adopt a growth mindset to overcome challenges and that voice in our head, the inner critic.

About Julia:

Julia helps anxious and ambitious achievers break through the barriers that are preventing them from reaching their greatest heights.

You might resonate with the experience of grappling with an inner critic that undermines your self-confidence and leaves you second guessing yourself, or scrutinizing every interaction with others.

As a complex PTSD survivor with a nasty inner critic, Julia struggled finding the right support during my healing journey while simultaneously working in a highly stressful sales role. "My ambition and drive were constantly being sabotaged by my inner critic telling me I wasn’t good enough, and holding me back from believing in my own potential," says Julia.

Julia is now dedicated to helping others become liberated from the grip of one's inner critic and awaken their full potential!

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