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Data-Driven Leadership

Use data to be a better leader and make stronger, more informed decisions.

Panelist & Guest Speakers
Panelist & Guest Speakers

September 24, 2021


1 hour

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Data-Driven Leadership

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This session will be based on Learnit's full-length workshops on Data Analysisand Making High-Quality Decisions.

We'll share tips and tools for applying data to drive organizational change, lead teams, and make stronger and more informed decisions.

Everyone who attends all of Learnit's free Friday events in September will receive a badge of certification in Excel Power User.

Together, we'll learn how to:

  1. Align strategic decisions to organizational goals and objectives
  2. Use data to support decision-making to reduce negative consequences and maximize benefits
  3. Follow a decision-making process with clearly defined roles
  4. Implement decision-making techniques

Who this session is for:

Leaders looking for techniques to apply and present data to their teams and stakeholders to make stronger decisions and set direction.

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