Hybrid Work

Build Resilience to Thrive in the Hybrid Workforce

Learn actionable steps to be a more resilient leader and team member in the hybrid workforce.

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May 7, 2021


1 hour

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Build Resilience to Thrive in the Hybrid Workforce


This community event is adapted from Learnit's 5-week cohort program on Building Resilience: Thrive in the New Normal.

Learn tools to expand your openness to change and adapt to new situations and different techniques to help you thrive in your work environment.

Take Aways:

  • Develop your individual adaptive potential
  • Expand your ability to think and act with innovation and agility in mind
  • Apply tools to manage projects more adaptively
  • Lead and create teams with greater resiliency

Who this session is for: Anyone who is looking to become a more resilient and adaptable leader in a hybrid work environment, and/or who operates in a rapidly changing work environment where there isn’t always a “by the book” solution.

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