SQL Querying Fundamentals

SQL Querying Fundamentals

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Course ID: B3900

Duration: 1 Day 

Location: Flex - San Francisco or Live Online | Click here to schedule private course.


During the SQL Querying Fundamentals course, students will learn how to write SQL queries to retrieve desired information from databases. Specifically, students will be taught to:

  • Connect to the SQL Server database and execute simple queries

  • Include a search condition in a simple query

  • Use various functions to perform calculations on data

  • Organize the data obtained from a query before it is displayed on-screen

  • Retrieve data from multiple tables

  • Export the results of a query

+ Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for individuals who wish to learn how to use SQL to query databases and extract information.

+ Course Outline

Module 1: Executing A Simple Query

  • Connect to the SQL Database
  • Query a Database
  • Save a Query
  • Modify and Execute a Saved Query

Module 2: Performing A Conditional Search

  • Search Using One or More Conditions
  • Search for a Range of Values and NULL Values
  • Search Data Based on Patterns

Module 3: Working With Functions

  • Perform Date Calculations
  • Calculate Data Using Aggregate Functions
  • Manipulate String Values

Module 4: Organizing Data

  • Sort Data
  • Rank Data
  • Group Data
  • Filter Grouped Data
  • Summarize Grouped Data
  • Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators

Module 5: Retrieving Data From Multiple Tables

  • Combine the Results of Two Queries
  • Compare the Results of Two Queries
  • Retrieve Data by Joining Tables

Module 6: Exporting Query Results

  • Generate a Text File
  • Generate an XML File


+ Prerequisites

The only requirements for attending this course are:

  • Basic computer literacy skills
  • Familiarity with database structure and terminology
  • Knowledge for transitioning Windows 7 to Windows 8
  • Experience using Windows 8.1

+ Certifications


+ SQL Server Training