An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin

Why Customize?

The path to success is unique for every organization.

To get there, you need a roadmap that works. One that starts with where you are right now and leads your team to the desired destination.

With more than 20 years of experience customizing successful programs and courses, Learnit is here to be your navigator.

We’ll partner with you to streamline the process and create the right path forward to help you propel your organization to success.


Our Approach

A team of Learning Consultants will lead the process for program and course design, while our Delivery Experts will see that the execution is a success.

Utilizing our thoughtful and proven methodology, we’ll design, build and implement a great program that aligns all parties no matter where you are in the process.


This Way Forward

1: Why?  

First, we define the goal for your program / course. This becomes the anchor for the entire program/course. As the ultimate “why”, the goal informs both program/course design and delivery.  

2: Who?  

Identifying and knowing the audience is a primary step in program/course design as success is largely determined by the learning and benefits the intended recipients achieve. 

3: What?

Next, we’ll get to work determining what types of content are most important. To drive the best ROI to ensure a productive course that maximizes your program budget, it is essential that topics tie back to your culture, values and key initiatives and that everyone is clear on what will be covered.  

4: How?

We support all learning modalities and welcome blended solutions and collaboration with internal programs and content. In tandem with you, we’ll identify the optimum methodologies and preferred content topics your team wants to focus on to ensure efficiency and optimum success.

We’ll then deliver a plan to our Instructional Design team, who will get to work building learning tools tailored to your organization.

5: When?

Even the best-designed course won’t succeed if the timing isn’t right. Our research driven approach to timing will identify the most productive delivery times to weave learning into your existing workflow to set your learners up for success.


We wanted the classes to allow enough time for specific questions to be answered. Learnit was very flexible in working out a training program that would fit our needs.
— Linda Crawford, HR & Training Specialist, NCPHS, Inc.
We’ve worked with other vendors, but Learnit are head‐and‐shoulders above the rest.
— Richard Parro, Visa USA


Key Coordinates for Success

The “Talk”

Ongoing communication is essential to good learning. With this in mind, we work with your organization to build a communication plan that seeks to drive awareness and maintain a dialogue with learners throughout the entire learning experience.

The “Walk”

We’ll help you handle all the logistics like registration, access and measuring change and impact. When it all comes together, you can rest assured that your newly designed program will be a success.


Let’s start building your original program or course and chart a path towards success.



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