Learn iT! User Technology Program’s go beyond teaching employees to use a program effectively.   We enable users to rethink collaboration, communication and personal productivity.

What We Do

Develop Learning that’s Relevant

Asses Audiences and Understand Users’ Everyday procedure and organization goals

·       Assessments

·       Onsite Interviews

·       Discovery Days

·       Curriculum Design

Build Learning into the culture

Create a culture of growth by blending opportunities to learn throughout user’s everyday work life.

·       Blend eLearning into existing communication, internal sites

·       Provide Marketing around upcoming workshops

·       Promote Coaches, Mentors, and Power Users within Departments

·       Make Learning Opportunities through training routine in work life

Create Lasting Change

Establish metrics around user’s achievements and improved productivity while noting impacted improvements within groups and departments.

·       Evaluate Collaboration in teams

·       Promote Success Stories within communities

·       Increase conversations of achievement around growth


Who We Work With


IT plays a large part in the advancement of user skills in technology.  organizations look to them to run a program designed to increase efficiency in users.


A mix of Leadership, IT and Community members, this group helps build the framework and design of a any valuable Technology Program.


The buy in of an organizations user community is a key to a successful culture of learning.  Allowing input and effective feedback from this group will turn a good learning platform into a great one.