+ What Are Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers?

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers, also known as SATV’s provide you with the necessary training to fully capitalize on your investment in to Microsoft Software programs. This fully integrated training system will provide your company a way to completely utilize what each of the Microsoft programs offer which in turn results in a higher return on your overall investment.

+ How Can My Company Acquire a SATV Voucher?

The great news is you most likely already have SATV vouchers for your programs! Microsoft bundles their vouchers with their Microsoft Technology purchases. You are encouraged to speak with your IT department or the installation service who set up your Microsoft programs. They will help you to unlock these valuable training services.

+ Why Should I Redeem My Vouchers With Learn iT?

Learn iT is an authorized Microsoft partner with the ability to provide you the training you need in accordance with Microsoft standards. Learn iT offers:

• Microsoft authorized expert instructor for each training session
• Simple registration for each type of training you require
• Authorized Microsoft partner with ability to train in several different Microsoft programs

+ What Types Of Training Are Available With Microsoft Vouchers?

We offer our clients access to the following types of Microsoft training:

• Private training options
• On-demand training sessions
• Online training courses
• In person training options

We offer training in:

• Windows 10 and Microsoft Office
• Azure
• Sharepoint
• SQL Server
• Other Microsoft Technologies

+ How do I Redeem My Vouchers With Learn iT?

Complete this form with all required information. At this time, we will also request a business email address to follow up with your class schedule. Once we have received this information, we will do everything else necessary to get you registered into the next available Microsoft training session.

If you have any additional questions we encourage you to call us at 855-838-5028.