The Design of a Program is critical to Learning help you solve your business challenges.  The trust of our customers to work with us in the Design process of their Program or Course is truly rewarding and a tribute to our long standing record of success.

 Designing with over 20 years of experience Learn iT will help shortcut the process and avoid common pitfalls of Program and Course Design.

 The Design process is headed up by our team of Learning Consultants who work as your primary contact.  The Learning Consultants meet you where you are in the process and make sure to follow a thoughtful and proven method of Program and Course Design.  You will interact with our experts in Delivery as well as these are critical elements to the overall success of the program.   Our goal is similar to building a house where the perfect house takes alignment from the homeowner, architect, builder and project manager.

Learn iT! Approach to Build Learning Program

Establish Goals of Learning Program

We need to define the anchor for this Program or Course - the anchor is what drives us and inspires this program it is the ultimate Why to design and deliver this program.

 This is discussion to help understand What outcomes are desired. What are current events and initiatives influencing the need for the program.  How would the Program or Course have a positive impact for the Learners and the Business.  This is fluid and will be adjusted later in the process as we gather more information. Are there metrics known we can leverage to help determine impact.

Define Audience Profiles (Who needs to Learn)

It is really important to not gloss over the audience because if time comes to the point of the delivery and the audience does not understand what is it for them then only by a miracle will we win.

Now, we obsess about the audience this program is being designed for in order for us to best understand who we are serving with this program.  It is tempting to start with What will be learned; however, your audience has a big impact to determining the right content.

Determine Content (What needs to be Learned)

This is helping establish the kernels of learning to be built out.

 With a strong anchor for why this program will create positive outcomes and with a good sense of who we are looking to serve lets dive into what needs to be learned.  Armed with knowing our desired outcomes and who we are working alongside we start understanding what types of content are important.  What are common scenarios and case studies where this type of information is relevant and typically applied. 

Time Check on this Program

The goal is to help get us on track we want to set some time bound milestones.

This is where we work thru and understand when we intend to start the program.  Determine when the program would end or if it would really end.  Additionally, we wil theorize the amount of time and effort we expect for the learners to invest as well as for us.

Determine Learning Offerings (How to Learn)

The goal of this step is to work thru what types of Learning do we want to deliver in this program or course.  Identify the ‘types’ of learning resources to provide their customers. As well as get an idea of content they already have in place.

Blending learning and building out learning experiences is often the most effective approach.  Learn iT is a fan of all learning modalities and welcomes blending solutions and working collaboratively with internal programs, content, etc. that may not be Learn iT!'s  Additionally, are there assessments in place or desired to help shape the program or course success.

Inventory Current Infrastructure for Learning

Learn iT will work to get a good sense of what is in place in the way of Learning at your organization.

Ignoring history and reality can be dangerous. We will want to inventory current and past programs, understand what is offered already  and how it is delivered.  And of course knowing what is commonly accepted along with understand what does not work well with your unique culture.

Measurement Plan

What types of assessments are associated to this program/course. Do we want to have self-reporting built-in are we involving others in the business to help measure change and impact?

Course/Content Design Plan

With a good handle of content topics along with the modalities of Learning to offer and we know the style of how it is desired the content is delivered our Instructional Design team will work on building out effective tools for learning.

Timing is Essential

Now, with many of the puzzle pieces clear is where the Learning experience is thought out on the best approach to sequence your learning and determine when do we want to plan out immersive learning.  This is a mix of working thru the realities of day to day work responsibilities.  Our goal is to help weave the the learning within the flow of work and use science to help us set the best times to put our audience in the best position to make the most of their learning experience.

Communication Plan

How are we going to build awareness and have a dialogue with the Learners thru their entire Learning experience?

Logistics Support Plan

This is essential to putting it altogether.  Establishing the essential work processes and team members involved and their responsibilities is often where a program can fall apart.  Luckily Learn iT can help shortcut this process and has the experience and has a support team available to help this program run smoothly.  These processes involve registration, measurement as well as being clear on best ways for Learners to access the content within the program.

Launch Learning Program

1-2-3 Lift Off!

Lastly, is to determine the best rhythm of support. The initial push is during the rollout and the rollout schedule drives the support. Then determining the post-support is based on what is in place already.