Tableau: Advanced

As a continuation of the Tableau: Introduction Training Course, this Advanced course dives into creating visualizations and dashboards.

The course explores, among other areas, how to create a range of different charts, maps, user-defined fields, as well as a host of advanced features and abilities.

What You'll Learn

  • Connecting to data sources
  • Creating univariate charts
  • Creating bivariate charts
  • Creating multivariate charts
  • Creating maps
  • Calculating user-defined fields
  • Customizing and saving
  • Exporting and saving
  • Exploring advanced features
  • A short dash to dashboarding
  • Summarizing your data for dashboards
  • Interacting with data for dashboards
  • Using dashboards to get results
  • Putting the dash into dashboards
  • Making dashboards relevant
  • Visual best practices
  • Share dashboards

Course Details

  • 17 Modules
  • 2 Full days of instruction
  • Industry-expert instruction

Who should take this course?

Students who have taken Tableau: Introduction, or otherwise have some experience with Tableau, and wish to learn advanced features of data visualizations and dashboards.

Tableau: Advanced
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As a globally-dispersed company, to have one set of data and be able to manipulate it so that it fits in more views is allowing us to have a new way of communicating...Today we have one set of data with different views. We can see the same thing and actually refer to the same underlying issues.
— Eric J