As an IM employee, you can take advantage of a wide range of professional development and application training opportunities.

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How to Register

How to Register


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How to Register / FAQ


Before Enrolling

  1. Your manager’s approval is mandatory before enrolling in a class. Contact your manager and determine if the class is aligned with your Individual Development Plan (IDP) BEFORE registration.

  2. Provide Eleanor Roe with your manager’s approval BEFORE enrolling.

  3. If there are 12 or more people with the same training need, IM will consider bringing training on that topic in-house. Contact Eleanor Roe to discuss a LearnIT! workshop.

  4. Onsite classes can be delivered globally and in different languages.

How to Register for Public Courses

  1. Visit to get started.  You can browse by category or search for a specific course by typing it into the Search bars on our home page.

  2. Once you’ve found your class of choice, choose your options (date, delivery method, etc.) and click the “Prepaid Registration” button.

  3. Fill out the “Prepaid Course Registration” form, enter your access code and click the “Register” button. You’re done!


Access Code: PlatinumPP17 38752


Cancellation Policy

  • Always CC Eleanor Roe when canceling your training. In case you cancel your training, your department will be charged if you don’t cancel by the following deadlines:

    • Professional Development: Three business days prior to the class date

    • Office Applications: Three business days prior to the class date

    • Data & IT Training: 10 business days prior to the class date

    • Web Design & Development: Three business days prior to the class date

Points of Contact

Learn iT! Account Manager: Evans Hood | P: 415-946-6478 |

Company Contact: Eleanor Roe | P: 415-257-5910 |


Learn iT! Anytime


The perfect supplement to instructor-led classes, a Learn iT! Anytime subscription puts a comprehensive catalog of interactive e-learning courses at your fingertips. Pursue a class at your own pace—whenever and wherever you like. Click here to learn more about Learn iT! Anytime. Ready for your subscription? Fill out this form to request!

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