Practice Areas

Companies (12-3,000+ people in size)

OrgPartner supports early-stage companies (post Series A raise) that are experiencing fast-paced growth.

OrgParnter works with organizations to help them work through challenges associated with remote workers and decentralized workplace.

Orgpartner supports organizations, departments, teams and leaders effectively manage change events such as: mergers, global expansion, company-wide downsizing, new round of funding, or an acquisition.


OrgPartner supports the intentional creation of a culture that aligns with your desired state.

OrgPartner support companies with cross-cultural challenges that arise through the acquisition of new people from across the world.




+ OD Consulting

Through diagnostic conversations and consolations, OrgPartner can assist in any of the following areas;

  • Organizational Design
  • Organizational-Health Assessments
  • Team Dynamics
  • Culture Development
  • Team Offsites

+ 1:1 & Group Coaching

OrgPartners provides Supportive coaching for employees at all levels [individuals, groups, teams, managers and leaders] to help develop particular skills, enhance overall performance or complement a larger scale program or training initiative.


+ Training Programs & Workshops

OrgPartner leverages cutting edge technology and best industry practices to create experiential learning programs. Programs include:

  • VR & AI Powered Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Management & Leadership Development

+ Talent Management Initiatives

OrgPartner partners with clients to apply the best assessment tools or design them from scratch. Common Assessments used are:

  • Assessments-DiSC, MBTI, Pulse, 360 Reviews