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Organizational Development

Supporting organizations by helping them design and run strategic talent development initiatives that align with business goals. 


OrgPartner is a new practice within Learn iT! devoted to serving small to mid-size companies as an organization development partner.

We make it quick and easy to access organizational and people support on a project and hourly basis as needed.

The backing of Learn iT!’s 20+ years of experience serving incredible companies and corporations as a Learning & Development expert drives everything we do.

We are passionate about empowering organizations and their people to actualize their greatest potential. A desire to help get to the root cause of challenges for companies, in order to provide results-oriented solutions, is what drives us.

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The time has come!

An experienced partner to support your organization and its  people through growth.


Dramatically Improve Culture




Confident & Inspired Leaders







Significantly increase organizational health. Proactively lean into growth.


1:1 & Group Coaching

Confident, thoughtful and strong leaders. Enhanced clarity.

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Training Programs & Workshops

Higher retention rates, engaged employees and a more productive workforce.

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Talent Management Initiatives

Discover how you can help your
employees thrive.

How it works

Schedule a 15-min call. Share your current people/org challenge with us.


Our certified consultants, coaches, facilitators and experts get to work on a few solutions for you.


Schedule a call to review solutions and get started with implementation.



Project completion assessment.


Management training program sample


Deliverable: a little over 14 consultancy hours are used to develop a set of tools and resources to help you identify leadership potential in top talent. This was created for you, based on your desired culture, values, and consistent markers of top performers in various roles.


Create and facilitate a custom and interactive full-day training program for 15 aspiring leaders and top performers.

Deliverable: full-day interactive training broken down into two 3-day sessions.


Ongoing group and 1:1 coaching for 15 new and emerging leaders.

Deliverable: monthly 1-hour group (5 people in a group) coaching sessions, as well as 1 monthly coaching session with each of the 15 individuals.



Organization Development Consultation


Learn iT!|OrgPartner works with HR/People Leaders, Business Partners, and Learning and Development Professionals to solve internal challenges through strategic learning and development solutions.

We’ll ensure that you:

  • Gain clarity into current organizational and/or people challenge(s)

  • Receive insight into potential solutions to your specific challenge(s)

  • Benefit from the support of our experts to empower you in solving your challenge(s) and/or help execute solutions for your organization.

We offer a free, no-obligation Organization Development consultation to determine how our team of experts can help your organization thrive.