Customer Success Manager (CSM)







Company Overview

Fueled by talented educators, ongoing content development, and real-world business application, Learnit has created custom learning solutions for hundreds of small non-profits to Fortune 100 clients. From the heart of San Francisco, Learnit has supported over 14,000 organizations in upskilling their workforce, boosting job performance and productivity, and increasing employee confidence and happiness.

Learnit is committed to staying at the forefront of professional development and personal growth to support organizations and teams. By leveraging the latest innovations in education technology, the Learnit team can teach virtually any skill to make organizations and their most valuable assets, their people, thrive.

Learnit provides virtual and in-person training on today's most in-demand skills for individuals and organizations. Through engaging learning experiences that bring about personal and professional development, Learnit helps employees and organizations do their best work. Employees are the cornerstone of every company; they innovate, build products, serve customers, solve problems, and build dreams. Learnit helps companies establish systematic, holistic, and practical learning solutions for various hard and soft skills. The Learnit mission: Support employee and organizational growth.

Learnit's greatest asset is its people, and you will be joining a team of dreamers and doers. Most employees at Learnit work remotely from their home office but are in continuous collaboration with each other. Joining the Learnit team means you commit to hard work and dedication and join a culture of encouragement and support. Culture is of utmost importance to our management team and the forefront of our company direction and decisions.

Position Overview

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) role at Learnit is key to client satisfaction. You will be the client mentor, internal voice, and guide through the customer lifecycle. Listening to clients' goals and objectives, you will work to expand their utilization and ultimately renew contracts. Paired with a Learnit Learning Strategist, every client will get a tailored experience that should exceed their expectations of the Learnit Journey.

Who You Are

  • You are organized. You will be responsible for multiple clients, each with unique goals and objectives. You look for ways to streamline your time and activities to make every client feel important.
  • You are client-focused. Your relationship with clients is of extreme value. You are the mentor and coach to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes by providing creative solutions and ensuring those solutions execute successfully.
  • You are the trusted advisor. The client will come to you with questions, and your responsibility is to find those answers within the Learnit Team. Your clients will trust you to be the internal advocate. Your internal research will have you interact with every member of Learnit to find the best solution for your clients.
  • You are a doer. Ultimately you are responsible for the clients' success. Working with your Learning Strategist, you will form plans for each client and be the principal owner of executing those plans. You take ownership as a badge of pride.


  • Establish and maintain customer relationships throughout the client journey
  • Provide high-level technical and product support to clients and sales teams
  • Create and Own client Event Requests and ensure delivery of products
  • Prepare utilization reports, account history reports, and evaluation reports and present these to sales and clients on a routine basis
  • Establish customer service policies and practices potentially unique to individual clients.


  • 3+ Years in a customer-facing role
  • Experience in Customer Service or Support Services
  • Experience with project management tools (Salesforce, MS Planner, Trello)

Skill Requirements

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and client poise
  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt to change
  • Aggressive, go-getter attitude
  • Commit to customer success and quality in all aspects of work

How to apply

Send your application and resume to