Our 4 Step technology adoption plan is designed to streamline the migration process from beginning to end.  Successful technology adoption is possible when decision makers, IT personnel, and end users are all aligned. Let us help you develop a strategy that makes the most of your time and training budget.



Step 1

Envision the Benefits

Gain stakeholder buy-in from the start.

Envision the benefits before you begin technology adoption. Conducted in person or remotely, let our experts run an immersive demonstration to introduce you [and stakeholders] to the very latest solutions. Gain insight into new technologies and applications—all within the context of real-life, day-to-day business scenarios. See how new solutions improve productivity, security, collaboration, and efficiency for organizations.


Step 2

Plan and Prepare

Advanced planning pays off.

Technology Adoptions are multifaceted. A solid project plan minimizes chaos and maximizes productivity—the better prepared you and your team are, the smoother the technology adoption will go. Learn iT! offers several courses to help your team members prepare to manage the technology adoption project effectively.


Step 3

Engage and Train End Users

Step 1: Awareness Campaigns

Generate excitement in advance of the technology adoption. Using a series of targeted marketing vehicles, we'll help your organization learn about and embrace the benefits of new applications.

Step 2: Short Sessions

Learn It instructors provide a quick overview—45 to 60 minutes—of new features and how they apply to internal policies. These sessions ensure employees are on the same page.

Step 3: Special Groups

With short sessions complete, a Learn It instructor will conduct sessions that are custom-tailored to specific groups within your organization, such as executives (one-on-one training), executive assistants, administrators, and power users.


Step 4

Ongoing Training

Post-technology adoption training maximizes results.

When technology adoption is complete, our team will evaluate the effectiveness of the training sessions to date. Next, we'll create 60-day, six-month, and one-year follow-up plans for your organization to ensure your organization gets the most from your technology investment.




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