Certified ScrumMaster

Certified ScrumMaster

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Course ID: C2122

Duration: 3 Days

Location: Flex - San Francisco or Live Online | Click here to schedule private course.


The Professional Scrum Master course runs over two days, and uses team-based exercises and teacher-led tuition to provide students with the process theory which underpins the Scrum Framework, and teaches the role of the Scrum Master within it. Students will learn about the core components of a successful Agile or Scrum methodology. Current Scrum Masters will learn how to be as efficient and effective as possible within their role.

With real-life cases, hands-on experience, and a focus on advanced thinking, this course is at the leading edge of Scrum Master teaching today.

+ Who Should Attend

While the Professional Scrum Master course is suitable for anyone whose team is currently developing software using Scrum, it will be hugely beneficial to those in charge of maximising the effectiveness of the framework. Typical students include Scrum Masters, managers, and ambitious team members.

+ Course Outline

Course Topics

• Scrum theory and principles

• The Scrum Framework

• The Definition of Done

• Running a Scrum project

• Working with people and teams

• Scrum in your organization

• The role of the Scrum Master

+ Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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