Learn iTs team of professionals will save you time and bring their expertise to develop and build the materials your organization needs in the modern world of learning. Learn iT! follows a deliberate process and assign a project manager to stay on track and keep you up to date.  



Custom Video Content

We can build what you want for your Learners in the style you prefer as well as blend the styles to help make the content stick the best. 

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Recorded Systems Training

Our education experts teach users how to use systems and software while recording the computer screen. For timing, a 4-hour “live class” usually turns into a 1.5-hour video. This price includes up to 2 hours of project management. It does not include script creation or SME meetings. 


Live Instructor Studio Video

We film a Learn iT instructor speaking to your audience. Important points will be annotated onscreen. Studio video can be mixed with other types of media or used as an introduction, etc. Price includes onscreen talent, and 6 hours of project management. Does not include script creation or change orders. 


Premium Slide Deck

We design a high-end slide-based presentation, record voiceover, and package the solution in video format. Includes 1 round of revisions for presentation template design and 2 hours of slide content revisions. Includes 6 hours of project management, and a custom-branded design template with your brand fonts and colors. Does not include script creation or technical or special-direction artwork .


Lite Animation

his style is useful to build full engagement and increase understanding though a kinesthetic visual experience. Lite animation can be used in combination with any of the other styles. Includes 3 hours of project management per project. Includes up to 1 hour of script creation. Does not include technical or special-direction animated artwork.


Quick Reference Guides

Your subject matter experts will meet with us to build graphically-rich quick reference guides. The guides revolve around adult education theory and make excellent stand-alone or accompanying educational resources for your organization. 2 total hours of project management and revision time are included.  


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