Learn iT!’s Cohort Workshop Series is designed for a select group of participants to develop and master a designated skill or competency.


Going through Learn iT!’s Cohort Workshop Series creates several distinct advantages:



Learn iT!’s Workshop Series is a deep dive into exercises, habits and social support required for changing how we work. Each made-to-stick series, regardless of its topic, is structured on top of the six pillars of influence and change as it delivers the personal, social and structural motivations and skills essential to the habit change most organizations crave—but few obtain.


Each Learn iT! Workshop Series offers 4 - 6 two-hour sessions held over the course of 2 - 6 months. Sessions are interaction-rich with hands-on exercises, workshop discussions and group problem solving. Accountability calls from the workshop leader along with brief learning videos keep participants focused in between sessions as they practice new skills and habits.


• Identify the participants (of up to 12 participants from a single team or workgroup)

• Rank core challenges to address (prioritizing from a list of frequent team challenges below)

• Define cadence (1 workshop every two weeks is suggested)

• Select either the first 4 sessions only or the full 6-session Workshop Series

• Decide session 5 in your 6-session Series will cover preset or customized content

• Pick your start date! (quickly before our inventory sells out!)



Included in All Workshop Series

  • Identification of key team challenges with decision maker to influence emphasis on any given topics

  • 4 sessions that walk participants through essential tools for excellent team rapport and function

  • Homework assignments

  • Accountability Calls: 15-minute phone check-ins with each student in between sessions to discuss homework progress and use of take-aways

  • Participants are encouraged to log and “routine-ize” best practices based on key take-aways

  • 3-minute learning videos between sessions

  • Holding sessions every 2 weeks is suggested

Recommended Additional Options

  • Online survey pre- and post-workshop to assess / monitor progress with team challenges

  • In-person survey and interviews pre- and post-workshop to assess / monitor progress with team challenges

  • 1-2 additional sessions to address preset topics

  • 1-2 additional sessions to troubleshoot additional team challenges that become apparent during the first 4 sessions

  • Collaborative projects among team members, to be presented to a workshop session

  • Phone coaching

  • In-person coaching

  • Facilitation for the creation of a Team Code of Conduct supported by all workshop participants

  • Additional online-learning tools for individuals or the entire group

  • Sessions can also be held every 3 weeks

  • Sessions can also be held every 4 weeks



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