Our Development Skills Cohort Program is designed for a select group of participants to develop and master a designated topic or competency.

The program begins with an assessment to gain insight into our attendees, including background on their person goals and expectations. We then deliver three 2-hour selected group sessions supporting the desired goals and objectives. Between sessions, the learned tools are practiced, discussed and perfected through individual 15-minute check in calls and live online videos. To complete the program, a post assessment measures progress and learned skills.

Going through Learn iT!’s Development Skills Cohort Program creates several distinct advantages:

  • Selected individuals feel supported by their company.

  • Cohorts establish professional ties that last beyond the classroom.

  • Monitoring the candidates progress is enhanced in cohorts through check ins, group sessions and e-learning support.

  • Cohorts provide opportunities for team members to not only learn new skills but also to learn from one another.

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