What Microsoft Everywhere Means For Your Office

What Microsoft Everywhere Means For Your Office

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  • Productivity Everywhere Yes, Even There

With the introduction of Office 365, Microsoft broke away from one of the last standing remnants of what used to be a cardinal rule: If you wanted Microsoft Office, you had to use Windows. That's not to say there haven't been exceptions to the rule but often those exceptions have often been halfhearted and poorly executed.

Today all you need is a web browser, a half decent internet connection, and you have access to (nearly) the full might and power of Microsoft Office.

  • Work Phone? No Thanks The Era of a Two Device Office is Ending

In the last year Microsoft has been unusually active in releasing apps for competing platforms. In 2014, after several years of rumors, they released touch-optimized versions of the Office productivity suite for iPhone and iPad. Even just this past month Office for Android became publicly available for the very first time.

No longer are separate phones, tablets, or laptops required to accomplish everyday work tasks. In years past even basic assignments would have required specific platforms and unique, often expensive, software suites. However with this new push for cloud based file storage and web-based applications we're increasingly able to accomplish those same tasks from home and on personal devices.

  • The Disruption Factor Expect Improvements, Even If You Don't Use Microsoft Products

The offices of 2015 look vastly different from the ones even just a few years ago. Microsoft is the underdog in more ways than one, facing powerful challenges from GoogleApple, and even Evernote, backing Nadella & Co into a corner.

Today we're seeing a scrappier, more nimble, dare I say even disruptive Microsoft. This is going to put all other competitors in the market on their toes, anxious not to cede any ground to the former monolith of Redmond. Microsoft has only ever known being number one, it would be foolish not to anticipate a powerful assault as they find their footing in this new digital world.

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